Saturday, 8 February 2014

Something closeto a love poem

we do not have some kind of facebook love
or any kind of electronic hook up
to which those with weak chemistry subscribe
I knew the second i saw your face
you were the one for me
lets just take that in context
I was not in a southern state bordello
I was not lookng at some fishbool
of attractive brides on a site
that as a prospective Republian
canditate you needed to proscripe
I was not like half of them gay
I was just me and you were
you and there was no external
force working upon us to proscribe
We fell in love in an instant
and it was real
we are now both 55 and
that is a certified warranty guarantee
real deal
How did that happen yesterday
and why is this unlikely today
Well at one time the world
just spun around. No one man
or party could halt it
to make
a tattoo
at instant fascinating
but in the end


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