Thursday, 27 February 2014

GM sells capitalist short

(she is a flamming Pinto)
It seems like GM did not learn from the flaming Pinto or their own Corvair. If it is proven true that GM knew for five years the potential for death was real riding in one of their millions of cars it will be a testament to the reality of false expectations that come from self regulation. Under law GM must report any serious defect within five days of learning about it. Five years later we have a recall.

We hear a daily drumbeat of how bad goverment is and how it should be run like a business. Really are you going to stick with that line. We hear daily about how regulations are strangling business and we need to cut the red tape. Really are you going to stick with that line.

GM may face criminal penalties. This would be ridiculous, is GM going to jail. Will GM get three strikes and your out? People made the decisions, these people should go to jail. Then things will change. As long as we allow corporations to be people, they are going to dominate us.

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  1. "As long as we allow corporations to be people" Actually, there has been representation that Nader overdid his outrage and falsely panned the Corvair. But as to the proposition that corporate personhood is is an oxymoron. Incorporation removes personal liability ! Len Hart, who often posts on OpEd News, has a blog The Existentialist Cowboy, in which he flailed the concept of corporate personhood unmercifully when the law recognized it.