Saturday, 1 February 2014

Dead by choice Bankers

I am never going to understand suicide at least till the time I put a gun to my head.
I know people who were not insane who offed themselves. Mostly they were so full of pride they could not handle the slide. These were not people making six and seven a year. I can not imagine what kind of personal calamity would make them walk off the world this way. It makes me think of all the soldiers today who just lite the fuse because they can not handle war leaking, all over them. These are some very soft men who decided to be warriors. In Japan the people can not handle the slaughter of animals and the people who do this are of a special caste. Good war is fabulous and makes so much cinema, But really today is there any such thing?
Terrorism sells terrific but its just war by another name. If your life was so bad, and your people so sad, strapping on a bomb would not seem mad. We celebrate the suicide mission in cinema. The Japanese cherry blossoms died without dread.

There are situations worth dieing for. The sixyfour thousand Americans who died in Vietmann would ask for a recount. The thousands who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan would ask why? The answer to that question is blowing down Wall Street

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