Monday, 6 January 2014

GMO foods

I am not categorically opposed to GMO foods. I am all for better living through chemistry. IMHO GMO foods are not proven safe.  I read yesterday about a scientist who in 1957 said trans fats are deadly. Today we believe him. We have been lied to repeatedly about the benefits of scientific advance. Nuclear power is another case in point. If done perfectly light water reactors make perfect sense. Then you have Fukushima. This makes perfect sense look ridiculous. What went wrong: built in an earthquake zone, but I expect we can engineer around that. The problem is they did not.  Second the tsunami, built a wall to small and located the plant in the kill zone to save money,  massive fail.  Now this is not the fault of those who say Nuclear is our best assault on global warming, in fact it is.  There is no right answer, there is no simple solution. What Fukushima proved is that light water reactors are not part of it. (Heavy water and Thorium best bets) But back to GMO foods.

We should be moving at a glacial pace with this technology. Anyone who says that constructive cross breading is the same thing should be locked up for fraud. Man has challenged mother nature daily since he learned how to fashion tools. In the long term no success only tragedy and extinction has come from this effort. We must work with nature to survive.  

H/T to Old Fart in training and Stranger in a Strange land.

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