Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Cop Watch

Who will watch the watchmen? I have the greatest respect for the Police. They do a difficult dangerous job on societies behalf. In fact you can say that a society is increasingly only as good as its police force. 

There is a sad development in North American society, people have lost respect for the police in big and small ways. The big way is that perps no longer respect the badge. When I grew up when the Police told you to do something, you did it no questions asked. Today I think many citizens see the Police as some kind of occupying force, not here to serve and protect. The police have become heavily militarized, and with every arrest the potential is there to find a nail to be hammered down.  

Apps Like Cop Watch Toronto are filling the vacuum. They should not be necessary but they are. Police should have shoulder cameras, cameras should be doing traffic enforcement, and pot should be legal. These three things would do wonders to take the chip off the Cops shoulder.

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