Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Climate Change Deniers are Science is real deniers

I would put that up there with Kirk Cameroon explaining that a Banana has a zipper therefore evolution never happens.  Climate change deniers are science is a fact deniers. The fact is and even if you do not believe it its still true is that if you increase the concentration of CO2 in a atmosphere it will retain more heat. No one denies the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has been rising dramatically over the last one hundred years. We can debate about the source, if you said the majority was natural you would be wrong. Remember that volcano is Iceland that shut down air travel in Europe. Well it cut carbon emission from European airplanes by about two thirds. Yes the volcano put out a third of the gas that planes do during the same period. Therefore it is undeniable that humans are raising the level of CO2 in the atmosphere, and science tells us this will warm the planet. Have the models been perfect predictors, no. Hardly surprising when we can not accurately predict the weather. Its just like inflation, we know that printing money will result in inflation. Yet we are seeing deflation in Japan and USA, I guess economic theory is in the same place as global warming.


  1. Volcanic ash blocks sunlight, causing a cooling effect similar to - gasp - clouds.
    Actually I find your post rather incoherent - rather like a scare that a growth stimulating co2 increase ( as used in greenhouses ) which will stimulate growth in the wild and is bad. There is some greening in the Sahel that could be an associated effect. These guys are running with the warmism scare and are so outraged that they want to selectively represent their case because people are too stupid to figure out that research mode3ls can be used to reliably predict the future...without confirmation. Count me as one of those too. An irrefutable argument which also happens to be unfalsifiable is trash. http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2013/10/inquiring-minds-kahan-lewandowsky-communicate-climate

    1. Opit your finding that one of my posts is incoherent is true constructive criticism. I pride myself on coherence. Clarity is a obstacle I mostly fail to clear. Krakatoa East of Java cooled the whole world for most of a decade, So just to be clear I was not saying Volcanoes could not cool the world. However in connection with the cooling effect of eruptions is a significant release of CO2. Sure the CO2 gas effect does not have nearly the same effect of the solid ash effect, Its like putting up an umbrella on a sunny day as opposed to a great fart.
      Climate change is a fart that is no longer funny. My argument is cause and effect. Pump out CO2 in quantities that can only be measured on trillions of tons and there has to be an effect. For every action there is an equal reaction. The reaction may be a slow burn, but still when it hits it will have an impact equal to the slow drip of the action.