Saturday, 25 January 2014

Battlefield Shapers

Dick Clark exemplifies how given the correct exposure a single individual can dictate the taste of a whole country or in his case much of the world. This clever manipulation of public opinion is the art and war of politics.

Stephen Harper has rained a tong war of manipulation down upon Canada. Millions and millions of publicly funded advertising that looks to me like propaganda. Billions of terabytes of media content from friendly providers clogging up the airwaves and fiber superhighways. 

Weathering this assault can be tiring. It can make one apathetic and even drive some to nihilism. Its like the road to the Stanley Cup, the best players do not win. The players with the most heart and ability to overcome cheap shots win. 

So now as the Canadian playoffs are on the horizon its very encouraging to see a real poll, from a real polling company confirm what most despite the incredible spin knew in their hearts.

Trudeau 68% Harper 29% when asked who would be best to lead Canada.

Go Canada Go.

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