Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Winning by losing

The USA is ruled by a great collection of great and bad, fantastic and fanatical.
So what is a President to do, if he wants to rule for me and you?

I listen to a lot of talk radio. The conservative voices are true believers, let the lizard brain rule. The left is muted, they have to pick their points.

Into this swamp wades Obama. Consider even now Dick Cheney is not a believer in Mandela. When Cheney Bush ruled the world there was no compromise, everything was extravagant American exceptionalism. I really wonder if it was all smokescreen for the greatest heist in human history, but that's another story for another day.

Barack Obama is not the first black president, just like Haley Berry was not the first Black actress to win a Oscar. Both are mulattoes who appear to be black. That also is another story for another day, but I just want to say that all the people I see on TV speaking for the Blacks. are whites with a darker shade of grey.

But no never mind, its long past due to skip those labels and tribal colors, people are people and race should not be an issue. I am not color blind or free of prejudice, I see humans as dogs, and some breeds are more likely to be
giving the walkies the diss. Yet we are all warm blooded and love our tribes, crime is not a characteristic of any natural cycle survival diatribes.

Crime is a creation of an environment that fosters it. So what is the solution to put people in jail because they can not live with the current solution? No its to open the mind and open the heart to living free and at ease. We are not all going to change the world or work to live, so just give people freedom and the world will turn so naturally and you can drive your Range Rover down any street and park
leave the keys in it, and the only danger it will face is restless teens exploring how far they can go on a lark.

Back to Obama the first hybrid President.  He got the USA out of Iraq, totally, without any blowback from the right. Cause he did not comprise on the status of forces which any self respecting nation would say not while I am alive. Japan and Korea have this deal and they hate it and it creates self loathing that is real.

He is going to do the same in Afghanistan. Taking a hard line sometimes is so politically correct and Obama recognizes this and it allows him to disconnect the USA from a roadshow without upsetting those warriors that see every part of th world as something to own.

In the area of intelligence he has struck a great blow to those who think that thinking was some kind of patenable golden goose show. The TPP is dead thank Obma for imposing conditions that left every other nation filled with dread. By going to far he leaves no flank to attack and that's why he is a star. Just a mention of note to his fabulosity, Mr Steve Harper and his duplicity.

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