Thursday, 26 December 2013

Predictions 2014

God Reveals. This is the year all the teasers of this cycle of civilization are revealed. Men now have the power of Gods at their fingertips. The wisdom gap remains huge.

Stephen Harper. He drops out. Well not quite he gets a seven figure job.

Jim Prentice is the new leader of the PC.

USA Congress goes back to democrats. Americans will no longer pay to eat a shit sandwich.

Afghanistan goes back to normal. A medivels society where pedophilia is not only part of the culture, it defines the problem. After defending pedophilia for a decade, the west says, so hard to turn around a pervert culture.

South Africa becomes the new Zimbabwe. The ripple effect is a disaster for aid to the continent. There is no hope so we chose not to be pictured in that scene.

We lose bannanas, a mono culture failure that stuns.

Japan collapses.  Fukushima more than a flesh wound.

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