Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Memories of Paul

Paul was like a puppy that given time could cure cancer.
He was a force of nature. He never backed down.
Paul was my cousin and he came from the city
and he was toned and judo trained to not give in.
This was not important as we grew up
Paul was always exploring and I was
at his side
just telling him that
being with him
was a great way to abide
Yes I loved this guy
he was so full of life and curiosity
Now in my hick town in
the near north
Paul was as welcome
as a second divorce
but in this northern
town people hopped
beds with more frequency
than bunnies left on the road
considered dead
Paul could make a boat
out of something that
could never float.
I miss him every day
and its because of him
I think this way
Fuck you man
Fill my mind with bullshit
but I will still never understand.

1 comment:

  1. I hope its true but I do not believe in the afterlife. Some years after Paul passed I had very intense dreams. and more than once I would wake up thinking he was alive. To this day I have dreams where my parents are so real.