Monday, 9 December 2013

Four Alarm Fire on the building of Civilization

Singapore I sleep so sound in your arms. Singapore it seems Harry Lee understands how to make a society with far more love than harms. Now it does not make no no mind if you cant chew gum, or if you vandalize a car
even if your an American you
will still get more than one
strokes from a bamboo
cane to remind you
that stepping off line
is just not the way
to make a society
with a admirable bottom line,
Say what you will about Lee Quan Yew
to me he is a hero
a man just like me an you
So he did one thing
and it turned out grand
and he did another thing
and it was successful
and he went for the grand
But humans are so funny
so full of fury and envy
they can not take
working for the minimum
while other hard workers
are driving Mercedes.

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