Wednesday, 13 November 2013

We are all Sopranos, and please dont be Ritchie

This is a work in progress, but its so grand I wanted everyone to feel my Astral Works.

The Sopranos

How long has it been since Shakespeare died? The Sopranos will never have the impact of Shakespeare. The reason is as Malcom Gadwall has recently idendified and everyone who was a wiseguy had known for centuries is it is better to be a big fish in a small pond.
If you can rule this pond by whatever means maybe you should move up a few million liters. What is so interesting about our modern politics is we are led by people who have never been a big fish.

Getting back to the Sopranos. Its all about big fish. Its all so perfectly described. Its all so real that no one watching has to hit the wanna believe button on their suspension of disbelief. The interactions between characters are spot on. Watching the Sopranos is like well edited found video. Gopro in Jersey.

What is the greatest piece of art that humans have ever created?  I do not have to do a poll it will be by a large margin the MONA LISA. I am by no means an art expert. By good chance and good fortune I have seen many of the greatest works of two d artists. IMHO most artists are saying to you NaNaNa Na ow. Your going to pay me to decorate your home, like you can not do that yourself, you got to much money my friend.

I can appreciate beauty. My wife is beautiful. Would the world judge her as the most beautiful women in the world? Admittedly not, the world has not been exposed to her, and she does not have a pub list. Despite that she is the most beautiful women in the world to me. Every women is beautiful thats something I believe, and I would hope every women believes every man is handsome.  However our modern media machine is working overtime to convince you that you could have done better. A person is a total package, looks are only an entry point.

The Sopranos was an entry point for the world into the way the world works. If you think that world was totally fiction go with the virgin birth. Look at Quebec today, could it have been a offshoot of the Sopranos that ended in 2007? Billions of dollars of illegal drugs are traded in the streets today, but thank GOD no one in power allows this. Otherwise there would be trillions of dollars working both ways, but wait who has all that money? Just watch Boardwalk Empire and think about that most repeated but most ignored phrase, history repeats itself.

You can not legislate good behavior. If we could travel about on a five year mission like captain Kirk on Star trek we could learn something. The trouble with tribbles episode was all about addiction. 

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