Friday, 29 November 2013

Something is happening Mr Denier

Photo by Hilary White

The photo shows dried up lakes in the Canadian North. Lakes that have been in balance for centuries. I use the analogy to smoking, whose harm was coincidentally denied for decades using the same tactics and in many cases the same people as climate change deniers. Smokestacks and tailpipes are the worlds cigarettes. Deniers will say man can not harm something as big as the earth, just like a little tobacco could not harm something as massive as a human. But the fact is man puts out way more gas than volcanoes, and no one denies that a single volcano like Krakatoa changed the world climate in dramatic and immediate fashion. I fear we have passed a tipping point and will have to ride this change to the bottom and hope that a thousand years from now the earth can recover again. And please please you mad scientists do not inflict any of your terra forming schemes on our only home.

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