Monday, 11 November 2013

Libtards Seven Deadly Sins

Seven deadly sins of being a libtard

1) not believing in a Skygod. Every text we have says the world is 6000 years old, only a libtard could not believe the Flintstones was not a documentary.
2) Not believing in natural law. Both Mormons and Muslims at one time justified polygamist relationships as Gods will. If you look at nature that's a very solid position. Look at all the advanced mammals that have a harem. Hmm that would lead to a defence of evolution so lets stop there.
3) Practicing best practices. Like a blood transfusion will save your life, but sorry I gotta die cause its my thing. Immunizations are like so scientific only a libtard would get one.
4)Using Moral Equivalency as a talking point. Che Guverra is a bloodthirsty communist, but Pinochle, the Shah of Iran or Ferdinand Marcos were statesmen under pressure.
5) Thinking egalitatrisim is a virtue. No we should be ruled by Rob Ford and George W Bush. We should be ruled by hemophiliacs because look at all the money that will pour in for the cure.
6) Expanding the natural rights we all agree upon to include right to eat, shelter and health care. God did not expect you to live if your parents were both assholes and had bad DNA.
7) Treating all problems like they are not a nail that can be hammered down. That loose board on my patio has never joined a protest movement.

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