Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Problem with the People

If you read what I say you will get where I sleep.
NOt that the people are harmleess
in the manger were I bleep
cause bull droppings from;
goat or sheep is still the same shise
So knowing that what to do
in the great middle east
the focus of attention from the reccrding of
some medieval feast.
Today we struggle to find some
moral eqivincaly between the
dot com entepueou
and the intellectual thief/
NO one wants to understand
thier lifesyle is on the
firing line.
So easy to kill
so hard to undestand
somewhere thee is  a place
where making the business of humankind
is superior to making
your grandchildren into
the killing kind.

How stupid is hate
when you tell your
children its a portal
to heaven gate

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