Thursday, 28 November 2013

Person of the year

Thinking Aboot the possibility that Miley Cyrus could be Time Magazines person of the year. Time magazine and their ilk are like some kind of phantom appendage that we can feel but no longer have any use. I consider myself extraordinarily informed, and have not read a hard copy of Time in ten years and might have looked at it on line once in the past five years, and that was only related to an entertainment story. But I remember when Life and Time where the last word on critical thought. Unfortunately for both companies and society in general critical thought no longer wins most popular at the thought beauty pageant. Its disgusting to watch national news broadcasts with at least one item of things in your fridge will kill you,  and always end with some heroic nobody who deals with a universal problem as most would.  Marketers have found that just like they can sell damaging to the body sugar and salt stimulants to our taste experience, they  can sell false intellectual stimulation damaging to the mind to make us feel informed. Want to rebel and be radical, don't get immunized.

Life is a struggle. The Disney circle of life is real. That's a fact the manipulators exploit endlessly to hack the synopses of our lizard brain interface. Humans are animals and share every basic programming structure as the simplest of creatures. Do squirrels and mice fall in love and look at the best nest provider as the one most likely to entice. They do not as far as I can see fight for females like Caribou, Moose and Malibu. I really dont know about dolphins and whales and how smart they are.  For sure they have never manipulated their reality to make a submarine.  Humans are magnificent in their ability to strip down mystery, and even the things they never wondered about to make an understanding of the human condition. The human condition has never been better, but the human condition is not great. The first problem with the human condition is overpopulation. Because we are so smart, so sentient we can breed unnaturally. When other species fuck to much nature corrects, for better or worse humans have hacked the code and are out of control. However in the past humans have been restrained by resources and many a great civilization based upon faith has petered out.

Today we are almost God depending upon the particle
and the Virgin birth is already in the living rooms
of people with enough wealth. But the fact remains
you can not take more than you put back
this is a constraint, a natural push back
Its the law of conservation of energy
its the girl of your dreams going away
Its something we should be taught
in school, so when we
vote we do not elect
a person riding on
the Flintstone was a reality
show platform.

Back to Miley. This is a total push to capitulate.
Cant sing well, looks like hell
a new world Joan of Arc
Can work the public
like a heart attack
in her near nudes
an actual flesh domes
Its so shocking
I will make her album
number one.

I am so old
I do not know
what modern beauty holds
I know for example
that do to woody tomcats
feed to the millions
at fast food restaurants
real tomatoes make
these consumers
spit out those nutrients
because they are different
Change is different
and as a survival skill
change was all about
the pioneers getting the arrows
and the smart people
patenting those
peculiar behaviors.

The future is all about desentizing the past.
What was what considered normal should now be a crime.
People should stand in line proving they can be true.
I warn you right now
and Hitler proved it true
a highly intelligent cultured populist is
as venerable to a committed psychopath
as making oxygen is to trees

Given history it should seem so prosaic
all those dilators
all those creator of human
misery where less happy
then a pensioner in a
house of cats
without a favorable
History has proven
to take the crown
or event to be given one
does not in the long term please
people are a simple folk
and when you try and merge
high tech or low tech authority
with a position its guaranteed
to bleed,

Back to the topic
who can succeed.
So with this noble
sacrament in my heart
I say Edward Snowdon
is the man indeed,
No man or woman
has sacrificed so much
just to tell us
the way we
look at the world
was hypocrisy
bundled with so much.

Next year one of Kims Kardasinms
plastic breasts will person of the year, and
for at least 399 days we will speculate could the other
breast usurp this geometry.

Listen citizens to the rabble of default
there is no solution
government itself is at fault
No that's not the way
government was constructed
in old England to keep
the lords at bay
and yes they could
make a fortune easily
exploiting the citizens
that gave them hegemony

Think life is great and yoiu
should not hesitate
wake up Zombie
you are but a slave
and the powers that be
will manipulate you
into an early grave
and calculate over
that event how
much profit
they had from your existence
and how they can squeeze
a few more . more whatever
from your directly related
totally measly programmed
decedents score.
If your worried about war with Iran or China your sorely misguided the war  is at your door.

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