Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Letter 44:Buy Superman Issue # 1 for only a dollar

Of course that's not possible, but there is a good possibility that Letter 44 issue number one is the next big first edition collectible, IMHO it will be bigger than The Walking Dead. Letter 44 is about secret history. In summary the new president of the United States gets a letter from the last one telling of Aliens building something huge in the asteroid belt.

If you want to buy be careful, Issue one first edition is sold out and they have printed a second edition. Normally second editions are worthless, but I have not heard of a graphic novel having a immediate reprint, so there may still be some value in the second edition, and issue number two goes on sale today, and its a first printing.

I have to put a plug in for Pulp Comics. Totally old school and totally up school. 

Breaking News Letter 44 headed to the TV. Issue one on eBay seems to be around twenty dollars. Issue one Walking Dead in NM condition on E bay is around two thousand dollars, consider yourself informed.


  1. I have been doing everything to get this at stock price, and mid December I will see something,

    1. I will get 3 of second printing issue one, and three first printings issue two for about twenty bucks.

  2. Sounds interesting, however I hope the TV adaptation is better than The Walking Dead tv show and comic. The Walking Dead, although a slick tv show with good acting, is also pure nonsense on almost every conceivable level when given thought.