Saturday, 23 November 2013

Its not easy to make a perfect planett=

I love hockey like a mother teat
Is this not some kind of mind control
even if my mother did not move me in this pursit
Sport is war with referrees and for the most part no fatlities
So why do we care so much
why do we spend so mcuh
to know our team is the one
that stands alone in this
competienn on the distant
planet on the edge of the milkey way gulch

What I am trying to say
and you should all relizes
being the best phiscal speciam with't
the bese allies
does not mean
your going to be
a saintesd  heart at
the end of all comprimise.
No things take off'
they fly away
some days a muslim is a freedom fighter'
the other day he is taliban
and should be blown away

So seeek down deep into
your perfection of demcracy sleep
and what you will find
after so much docerate study
is a marxaist thises

Yes Capitaism is good
it manages the kitchen table as we
knew it all should
But when the kitchen table rules
beyond wood and screws
then the world should tremble
bennieth the task that
no one should
control the world
and make up laws
and twist the
ddmal scinedc we
call ecomonics to
promote liese,
Many a writter has
observed this scene
some writing fiction
some propelling the dream
there is a symbiosis
between information and power
and in this modern age
there is no doubt
all the fuel they have
is feeding the same fire.

A fire that burns
as they all do
every thing in this world
has a faced a fire
and burned but come p
out at the end not as scarrced a
as firewood.

Do not lick your wounds
there is not time
we are now on a timetable
where failure
means the end of the
human game.

Some could talk
common sense.
some could reign
on friends of royal substance
but in the end
we just ignore
that hard headed
titanium tipped '
willed bore.

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