Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Sopranos tells the story of our powerless lives

In a marathon session I have just finished re watching the Sopranos. If you are a fan and confused about the conclusion, I offer clarity. Reading this will save you a week of solid viewing. In terms of wisdom a week of solid viewing of the Sopranos is equal to a lifetime of experience. Spoiler, I tease till the end.

Entertainment is the opposite of boredom. We seek experiences that create a thrill in our minds. The most ancient and most egalitarian source of positive mental stimulation is story telling.  Powerful creators have always fed an insatiable mass of human need. As we increasingly observe humans are easily entertained. We have become a mean in a statistical sense population of non discriminating entertainment addicts. Rap music and reality TV are proof that our entertainment addiction will purchase trash because just like junk food its perfectly engineered to appeal with force surrounding our lizard brains.

What do the content creators stripped of agents, consultants and focus groups want to say? Every picture tells a story, every story has a secret message. At its core entertainment is photograph of the artists view of the world. The artists of reality TV show we live in a world of hustlers and posers and alpha victors. The artists of rap tell the world there is no justice and life is so unfair nihilism is the best religion.

Exploring both these themes David Chase created the Sopranos.  Entertainment no matter the sophistication leaves a mark upon the enjoyer. Every breath you take, every move you make, every thought you create, I am controlling you. The Sopranos was all about how we control.  Children damaged by parents control mechanism, society damaged by the mobs easy access to our Maslov motivators.

The Sopranos is the latest successor to the seminal novel Gulliver's Travels. Most thought it was a children's book, but it changed the world. Similarly the Sopranos has created a backlash against corrupt government.  Edward Snowdon grew up watching the Sopranos.

What I would like to see is a series about good government, something from Hong Kong, Singapore or Germany.  Society is a team sport, and in North America and the UK we have opportunist nihilists as coaches. I lived in Austria for 7 years, I have lived the equivalent of years in Asia, I have seen South America and the Arab middle east. Obviously I love Canada its one of the best nations in the world, but its not the best. Germany, Austria, Denmark, Scandinavia and the Netherlands are measurabley better countries. I know Austria well, addition to the  actual Holocaust they had a nihilistic holocaust.  How did such a perfect society sink to such a petty thuggish existence with pride? Gobbels told us it was through entertainment.

The Sopranos is great art, it tells you to have situational awareness of your own mobish activities, and see what destruction of humanity is likely if you follow you lizard brain genetic programming. Its not sci fi that we will get a be a slave injection. Look at China, six thousand years of tyranny, it can not happen again, bullshit, fight this will all your heart.

Because our addled brains can no longer extrapolate in a satisfying conclusion the end of the Sopranos caused a spike in Pharma stocks. However knowing what we know like some Greek God observing from above watching for a second time makes everything crystal clear.

Pauly becomes Phil Leatardo. Tony becomes Junior. AJ becomes  Christopher. Carmello becomes a Mike Holmes version of Pussy's wife. Medow is the second wife of failed mayoral candidate Wiener

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