Saturday, 23 November 2013

Formula for Winning

Nobody is entirely bad or completely good. Okay Harper is an exception. But Chocula whipped this team to gCHuck levels but the defensive logic remains. Goat may smell like blue cheese but in retrospect he made some great moves.
Time slides like TFS on a two on one, and the best way to defeat it is to not compromise. If you were take an advanced digit scale and measure a Stanley cup winner by the kilogram of heart, that would give any GM the diet needed to bring his will to victory. The good news is that there has never been more talent available. Thats why most NHL games look like the conclusion of an action movie between Bruce Lee and Jason Statham. Ten years ago it was just get some good players and hope for the best. Now its down to sizing up DNA and putting a girl with big breast behind the glass.

In all the gin joints of the world how did I end up in this one devoid of gin?
However there may be a substitute, pure mental alcohol.
I wear a pretty little device of my own design
Dial up to the lizard brain what ever
chemical consolations'
I can do before I go insane
IMHO this device will be best marketed
with some kind of timer
Now some investors will
say I am just a crazy old timer
but I implore you to see
and take measures
that ensure you 
are not part of a vast conspiracy
Listen and Google you lazy kids
Nick Drake
You have a chance to understand
even though the message was
written fifty years ago

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