Wednesday, 25 September 2013

One day the axe just fell

I was working as a cook in the Northwood's for a spell and one day the axe just fell.
 Bob Dylan

Well it happened to me yesterday. I used to work for one of the fourth biggest Market Research firms in the world. In my five years there I did many good things for them. I had a sales base that was 34 times my annual income. About half that total was new clients I had recruited. However my portfolio was under constant attack from category decline and the move away from bricks and mortar to the internet.  So someone way above my pay grade analyzed the situation and decided closing the Canadian Sales office was going to add to shareholder value. I cant argue with the decision, in fact had I been making it I would have done the same thing,

Personally I think it really sucks. At 55 years old I have been given a very generous package, and I have to commend my  company for this, they could have just terminated us, but they did the good thing.  I am not worried about the future, but it is no longer so bright I need sunglasses.

Every aspect of 21st century life is mostly artificial. News is now propaganda.  Despite the constant messages that you cannot live without more information about how to live life, its pretty simple and humans have been doing it for millions of years. You find someone you love and you love them. Forget about big screen TV or hundreds of thousand likes on face book. Living with someone you love is the best app.


  1. And I never feel sorry for someone with a boat.

    And a nice spouse.

    Cheer up!

    The Millennials are on the march.

  2. Hang in there steve! Now you have time to write the great Canadian novel for the 21st century