Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Whats going on in Syria?

The evidence against the Assad regime seems a little cute. And just like the famous Cheech and Chong recording revealed by Colon Powell at the UN we have reports of a wiretap where Assad agents discuss the same issue. The last point to ponder is that a gas attack by the Assad regime brings the worst possible outcomes for that regime, and the best result for the rebels. Maybe our old friend Bandar Bush has a finger in the pie?

There are no good guys in this conflict. Assad is a puppet of Iran, aided by Hezbollah  the rebels are Al Qaeda at heart and a proxy for the Saudi's. But I do have a possible but politically unpalatable solution. Create a government in a box.

1)There is a constitution based upon already agreed UN rights.
2)There is a software enterprise system that makes government 100% transparent and every dollar accounted for.
3) The UN runs the country for three years until an election.
4)The army is disbanded until an election is held.
5)I get the Nobel peace prize.

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