Monday, 24 June 2013

Fine Food for Picky Eaters

I am not big on spicy or unfamiliar food. I think a good hamburger is civilizations greatest culinary accomplishment.

Shu mai Cantonese Dim Sum I could eat a dozen easy. Stab the orange with one chopstick and eat it whole.

Kimchi is what makes a Korean a Korean. Extremely healthy pickled cabbage, not unlike a spicy sauerkraut.
Robatayaki is not a food but a type of Japanese restaurant. Search one out, its a must do.

ZwebielRostbraten is an Austrian roast of beef with onions and gravy, its the best roast beef ever.

Kasekrainer is another Austrian snack food sold by street vendors(Imbiss). I can not stand USA/Canadian style breakfast sausage, but a Kasekrainer (Slovanian Kolbassa with cheese filling)is one of the best things I have ever eaten.
A Doner Kebab is the Turkish version of the Arabic Swarma, or Greek Gyro. I prefer the Turkish Lamb version pictured below.(and I generally will not eat Lamb) I have found getting a real good Doner a bit of a challenge  but if I ever see them being sold I am willing to give it a chance. The Turkis restaurant in Austria makes a superb Doner.
Schwartzs Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich. A Montreal Institution since 1928. Some would call it corned beef, I would call it the only flavour of corned beef I really like. If you dont like smoked meat in general I promise you will love this. I have tried all the suspects in Montreal and Schwartzs is the only one to deliver me a unique delight. Be sure to get a pickle as well. Its rumored the cherry cola also opens the taste buds.

The legendary R.W. Apple picked ten restaurants worth flying to.

40 foods/restaurants for your bucket list.

The worlds best restaurant has a year long wait list.

Top rated Austrian restaurant. I have eaten here and it is not to be missed if your in Vienna and have 100 Euro a head to spend.

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