Friday, 10 May 2013

I will always Love the Montreal Canadiens

For a sports fan every season that ends without a championship is not universally lamented. Your team could be a Cinderella who at the last minute was ditched by the fella.  Or maybe you won last year or the year before and the taste of victory remains fresh. My team lost beaten like the proverbial rented mule.
I am a little sad, and a little angry. Sad that every break went against them, and angry that the judicial system deserted them.  Overall I am content. After twenty years of watching players playing above their ability or at their ability and really watching the franchise stuck in a rut, we have some traction.  Geoff Molson deserves all the credit.  He made the tough choices, picked the right people and then stood back to see what may.
Montreal Canadiens have a young strong core, this playoff was only a bump in the road, and within two years they will find the suspension that is capable of carrying the load a parade down the usual route requires.

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