Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Stiglizt on Singapore

Singapore always felt safe in your embrace; in many, many ways it continues to be the world’s most remarkable town.  It a tiny triangular tropical island, total land mass about 27,000 NFL football fields.
Economically it’s a star having the third best GDP per capita and an actual turnover of $300 Billion annually. Consider that Canada has nearly ten times the population and resources beyond the imagination. But Canada has a GDP only six times larger than Singapore. In 1987 Singapore decided to build a subway system from scratch. Today it has 169 Kilometres, and is run as a profitable crown corporation. In 1987 Toronto had about 60 Km of Subway, today it has 69.
Joseph Stiglitz adds to the course of voices saying if you want to build a sustainable society, seek out Singapore.

More love from the 1%. Rent policy for the people.

Urban Gardening done right
photo by Edwin Koo

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