Thursday, 21 February 2013

May the force be with your LEGO investment

Lego sets are not appreciating at historicaly high rates, but still have to be the most fun you can have low risk  speculating. Brickpickers have done very well with Star Wars sets. If history repeats itself in ten years your profit will be close to $1000 on a $300 purchase. Even if it never goes up you will have a very cool 20 inch long model of your own creation.

Frank Lloyd Lego


  1. I have a grandson (six) who loves Lego. But we have the most fun building funky stuff from the basic bricks. The Star Wars et al stuff stifles creativity...

    1. my own kids have tubs of it in waiting. Very few sets, mostly the loose stuff. I think older kids would like the theme sets (like me)

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