Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Newtown Recoil

The impact of the Newtown shootings is still causing me to recoil in sadness and disgust. The worst actors in the aftermath are the water carrying talking heads who are useful idiots for the gun lobby. Yes this is the time to discuss gun control. Right now all the old bromines about criminals not obeying laws, and the government coming to take your guns away cannot pass muster.  Saying you cannot apply rationality to irrationality may sound sensible, but there is nothing to which the application of a keen mind will not find solutions. Like most solutions they will not be perfect, but like most goals its Pareto’s law, 80% of the problem can be solved. The fact is US gun culture is behind these deaths. Of course the rights never look to science and statistics to make political decisions that would be so European.

First ban clips bigger than 6 shots.
Second Ban semi auto rifles
Third anyone taking psyco tropic medicine must be red flagged, their guns and even large knives taken away.
Fourth every school should be allowed to have one trained armed person on premises.
Fifth movies with violence should be R rated.

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