Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Warp Drive

 Miguel Alcubierr's 1994 paper was a proof that space time could be manipulated to expand space time behind allowing a vessel to travel  at warp speeds. The CBS created Vulcan command ship above uses an Alcubierr drive. Sadly this model predicted a mass of energy equal to Jupiter would be required to travel to Alpha Centori. 

Harold White took a hard look at the math and seems to have calculated a better equation that would allow a craft with only 1600 Kg of mass energy to make the trip. NASA is currently working on a proof of concept.

Meanwhile at area 51 sighting of a gravity defying craft the size of a football field are comming in. Publishers of x files say its the TR-3B, which is designed to travel at warp speeds.

All in all very fasinating stuff.

Harold White Update.

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