Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Whats going on in Merica?

It appears the shadow government is if not selling, maybe facilitating the sale of illegal drugs in America. This is not the first time smoke if not fire has indicated the CIA is a part of the illegal drug industry. If it's true is it a part of national security, or just plain old greed? Lets imagine a fictional land.

We will call it Mercia. In Merica just like America 50% of Federal prisoners are drug related. With a felony conviction in Merica you cant vote. However you can work for pennies an hour making profits for private industry. In fact private industry can make a profit just running prisons  and can demand that incarceration be kept at 93%. Now with crime rates dropping where are you going to find the people to fill those bunks? The answer drug charges. But in Merica they are playing both sides, profit from the sale of drugs, and profit from locking people up for using drugs. Merica borders a third world country. In this country the El Presidento declared war on the drug cartels. However it seems his army had its own loyalties  and sided with one cartel. Just like what is happening in Mexico, 35,000 people have been killed since the cartel war began. The shadow government in Merica it seems was also allied with the Cartel supported by the army of its neighour. Just like in America scandals like fast and furious suggested the cartel was supplied with weapons and given permission to import tons of cocaine. In the fictional country of Merica the people got sick of this and voted for people who would restore democracy. I wonder what will happen in America?

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