Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Dalton McGinty Resigns

I have seen them come and seen them go for forty years and very few where people I trusted to do what's right:For the people they represented. Dalton McGinty was one of those.
His investments in the right things
are his legacy. 

Education, green power.
Sure in the short term windmills and solar panels can not compete with coal, let alone gas.
But despite the cost can anyone say continuing
with pollution in a denser world is a good plan.
Let alone if we are actually harming the worlds thermostat with our actions. 

It was political mistakes on this file, not policy mistakes that probably made him fall on his sword.
In doing so he brings us back to the whole idea of accountability something our current political system treats as an obstacle instead of a pedestal. 

Good for you Dalton, Good for you stepping up to the plate and saying I screwed up, and I can not go to the public and say trust my judgment again.
On education he was 100% right. The citizens of a country or province make it rich not the government.
But making sure every scrap of potential is developed is the job of government.
Not everyone has a great parent, even the richest people push their prodigy down dead ends.
All day kindergarten is a investment in people instead of the bureaucracy of social work
and the Justice system.
Farewell Dalton  the opposition that could not carry your briefcase.

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