Thursday, 27 September 2012

Working where death is the product

My grandfather signed up for the great war at age 15, no government official was interested in checking his ID.So he went to France and fought in battles we could not even consider today. The Somme, Ypers, Vimmy Ridge, were he was one of the hundreds of thousands of cannon fodder and somehow he survived  Sure he lost a lung to mustard gas, and no amount of coaxing would ever let anything about that time pass.
Except for the good times, two stories, one he is alone walking across a field and a bi plane comes in to strafe him, but the pilot was not a cold blooded killer and when he should have died the pilot waved his wings and flew away. The second is at Christmas when Germans and Allies ventured across the lines to sing and drink together and wish it all went away. World war one was not a good war, like the second war with Iraq no one can say exactly what happened, and exactly what was the fight about. World war two was a different case. It was good vs evil, but the evil was created by the good. This event replaced the absorbingly syphilis infected British Empire with the Boy Scout Empire of the USA. Everything was going swimmingly until JFK was taken out. Then the USA became the British Empire. And here we stand today. We are on the bubble of a Star Trek or a battliefid earth existence.

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