Thursday, 6 September 2012

911 Reaction

After the towers fell this is how I felt.

We fell

We jumped my lily and me
We fell from the concrete tree
It was dieing, badly stung by that silver bee
We floated and flew
Ever closer the asphalt grew
And then it was so dark
Cold Flames with no spark
Couldn’t feel a thing
But then  the white tunnels bring
A comforting light
There was no need for a fight
It was the best day to know
That he will always do right
It will be a short night
And man won’t ever, ever lose the fight

Down on the earth was hell
Those big trees shook and then fell
We welcomed thousands more souls as well
19 went to hell
It was the best day to know
Some things you cant sell
We all wanted to tell
It will be a short nite
And man will never ever lose the fight

We are watching from above
Sending down creamy clouds of love
To those that survived, the ones who have not yet died
Pick up and strive, to keep hope alive
It’s a good day to know
Terror is only on the inside
Take your life with pride
It will be a short nite
And man will never lose the fight

A hundred years from now
There will be terror as well
It will never go away
Bad things they like to stay
To interfere with his ways
It will be good to know
His children can play
Until the last day
It will be a short nite
And man will win the fight

They flew

They flew the plane without regard
It hit us very hard
And time will not forget
What damage they had meant

How there was a failure
Proved freedom is no dream
We can not fear the stranger
Killing what it seems
The things we took for granted
Before the towers fell.

Now were bombing evil flintstones
Hiding in the snow
They go about barefoot
And fighting’s all they know
They got 20 years of training
Not burdened by explaining
And now there really ready
Ready for the show
English, Russkies, Yankies,
It is a path they well know

The world will fracture somewhat
As enemy’s are friends
And the friends we thought we trusted
On them we cant depend
All we want is victory, but we cant find it again
So all we can do is be civil and try to
Live and breathe
Without a chronic terrorist disease

They flew the plane without regard
It hit us very hard
And time will not forget
What damage they had meant

Killing for Allah

Allah, Allah gives me Allah
One two Allah, die for Allah
Gimme a death that stinks for Allah
Ya its alright, its alright, forget about peace
Forget about Islam, kill the devil, but you know you is one.
Its alright alright alright, Kill Kill Kill tonite.

Widows and Orphans all for Allah
Live in town and then kill for Allah
It’s right its alright
Taliban ,Taliban they know their Allah
He’s right always right, its right for Allah , hoe hoe

Take a young man, Allah Allah
Cardboard cutter in Hand ,Allah Allah
Cut her neck Allah Allah
Its alright alright  Alright
 Blood and Guts
We make parts for Allah
Yeah, you can to, you can to
Look man deaths around
Aint nothing we cant do , cant do
Its right its alright Yeah

Live in a cave, pretend your brave
Its right  its alright
Shame Shame you bring to Islams name
Its alright Its alright
Your just more nuts, insane insane
Abusing someones sacred name
Its right its so right
Take some time find Allah Allah
Hes right so right, so right
Allah Alah
Wont fight Wont fight
Its peace you idots
That’s right that’s right

Big Mac, Bud lite maybe Marlboros
They mean fight it’s a fight
Part of culture, its not right its not right
Solution is easy, no more sleazy
Were tight so tight
So come on Allah, Come on Alright
Do right do right, do right
Smite the vermin, now were learnin
Life its alright, its alright.

Rockford Files

Rockford files on the pavement
A part of the world wide dragnet
Were going to hunt old evil down
Not going to leave one town
With terror inside, when the bad guys all died
We were justice and pride

Now all the cynics say
Its just another day
Of  scheming and pride
Of secrets to hide
To go on with our ways
And always make sure
The other guy pays

Could be the last chance
For us to go on
With only a song
To fill up our heart
Lets make a new start
And try and do right
Not just take our might
And drop it from high
Exploding with light
Darkness made bright
A force you cant fight
An end of the nite

Into the sun we will run
Down the beach chasing fun
There will be a last time
A bloody last time
Till the world is one
Cause were mostly the same
Differences don’t maim
Don’t bring death from above
It may sound funny
But all we need it love
Or a little respect
Some new etiquette
To realize a dream
Take the man from the machine
Watch the world made clean
Draw a new scene, with poor people in love
Without help from above

The Fountian

It was a fountain of growth upon a new land

A place with an address but could be bypassed or speared.
Take down the wounded warrior under his owner’s crass command
Its just a buttery summary of Orwell’s last stand.
Sparks fly from the effort put forth
Defeat the enemy or wear séances so fort.
Just Just take and take apple away, do it 10 billion times every day
Who in the future will say, selling vitamins is a copyright play.
Go go down to the midnight beach, feel the street like a dog in heat.
We howled at the last night of love, it waits for a fight.
Been suspecting ever perfection overriding errorless love.
Take down all the vooms its notions that I cant approve.
Give a man some blow to his head, not enough to kill him, he already dead.
Through his eyes comes the pain of admission, life gives no second audition.
So messed up with random thinking, not aware of any signal blinking
He runs to the plane and falls into a game, but he knows unforced trouble is never the same.
The only thing to count on is blame, when you reach for the stars but end up in bad bars,
There are plenty around to complain, or worse they will carp and stink like fish in the dark after the waters long gone away.
The smell is like a violin, with all the bows playing on one string, and it cuts like a fart through a sacred art and nothing gets drawn until the money starts.
Money flows like water uphill not towards squatters, it floats at the top and they cant seem to drop, or even bend to the pain, of knowing it just aint the same.
Twenty years gone, they paved over the pond, and the burger stand closed, so the clown he could pose and the children get covered with need, if your hungry it his burger for feed.

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