Wednesday, 15 August 2012

RIP Harry Harrison

Lately not much heavy enough to post. I figure I got it all pretty well covered in previous posts, and the news just repeats itself with just a hint more menace. So once again it’s the death of a cultural icon that pulls the effort out of me like Bill the Galactic Hero in a firefight. I nominate Woody Harrelson to play Bill in the movie.

I had forgotten that the Charlton Heston classic Soylent Green was based upon Harry’s book Make Room Make Room. Spolier alert “ Soylent Green, its people!” There are dozens of more great reads in his attic, including the epic Death World Trilogy.

HBO is really missing out not making a series based upon his Stainless Steel Rat Character. An anti-authoritarian hero who is a combination of Jim Rockford and James Bond would be irresistible, use CGI and let Cary Grant play the lead, how appropriate. Thanks for all the great memories Mr. Harrison.

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