Thursday, 16 August 2012

Nothing Happens by Accident

One of those questions that will never be asked by serious media, maybe they already know the answer. Why is the US non military arms of government buying massive amounts of ammo? Homeland security is buying 450 million rounds, that's enough for a 7 year serious conflict. If you look around the web there are other massive purchases, call it a billion rounds. Ammo can be stored for decades in a proper environment. However, the cost of purchase and the cost of storage make the idea of having such an inventory 
The most citizen friendly explanation I see is that the government has left over money and needs to spend it. Next that the government is basically buying up all the ammo in the USA to raise the price, and generally keep .40 cal ammo out of the hands of citizens. This really makes no sense even for a government. The third and most logical conclusion is someone very high up has given the order to be prepared, really really prepared.

Another curious fact the .40 cal is an oddball allegedly the result of a bad decision by the FBI. Therefore its mostly a pistol round. If DHS was going to fight a 7 year civil insurrection would they not use machine guns? It really seems like just routine government screwup.

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