Friday, 3 August 2012

How did it all fit

If you fly north and wide
you will arrive at the capital
from the otherside.
In frozen canals we commute
on ice skates
like postcard picture of
a 20th century landscape
From here the power
was unique it was a
standard to seek.
But now were bumbed out
its redneck twist and shout science
while telling anyone who asks
they believe for Gods sake
Noah carried everyone that every existed
logically if Noah saved every animal
it would have to stand that man would
be in the same way. Or did the humans
change into dolphins and swim
those seas, having dolphin sex
and just generally doing as
they please.
Noah hit land a month later
but all the humans not on the arc
had to swim a little longer
just so they would not be left behind.
Now not 3000 years later
we live govered by some deliusions
even though they are more obiovs
we still cant recognize that the
job of goat herding is keeping
half of humankind from suffering
the problem as it exists is the man
he is like a Goldman Sachs trader
making a trade from some financial world
of the future wherer every transaction
has three sides
and its always Champage Charlie on the trading side
and if you look at every generation since the stimulus
of WWE and vietnamm died and feel satsisfied
then you better wake up, your zombifed
this time it was not caused by metories
no alien infection at all
just a modern expression of mens
need to dominate and by extention divide
Yeah its tough very every single person
no I mean man to win a majority to his side
but if he divides the number well enough
a brilliant leader like who?
I would take a look at them today
looking back most of the leadership
skill we admire was the abilty to
bring a nation of people
to the point of no return
to write a political decison
into a financial coffe pot.
Take the great War into
your mind, the men were mere
cannon fodder for some idiots
in charge some one in command
had any idea of not doubling
and tripling then quadrupling on
the same stupid plan, it was
 a dirty nasty rat infested mud
perfected war in every way.
So when Sir Neil Young sings
in his own perfect way that
Ommee made him sway to \
the hippie way say
four dead in OHIO
I understood the sorrow
cause I have walked
those streets alone and
with childreen you always
fear for the wose
but most people would
not schedule a hearse
when the national guard was
called upon to disperse
some innocent children
that had learned to believe
in the constituion even before birth.
In every rat hole of every sewer pipe
You can find a very familar stripe
its coypyrithed and trademarked proteted
Yes the big corporations that have made millions
of dollars feeding the public sugar water
as a thirstwhencher are always looking farther
aand that stock just sorces on that news
but what the fuck are they going to do when m
the public concludes that sugar water is the worst thing
to drink even if one was alone on a solar island
most of the most educuated people would think
that Jesus and dionsaures lived side by side.
Traviling at the speed of light will sap your soul
from any doubts about living like a GoD
But when you get inside
after a couple of thousand years
you will wish you had died.
Living a thousand years is not worth a crown
its been mostly 99921 years insteaqd
When did i stop inhaling life and giving on exhale
more carbon than I can pay the place to survieve
That war so long ago and the men they died
it seems so sad because in a spirtiutal way
they lived the last days that survied.
What is wrong when you have more people
employed watching, arressting, judgeing somebody
rather than getting down upon the fact
that a fucntioning society exists and
in such a place the public need not fear
The USA is number one so i can understand
how they got this way is a mugs book
but moslty ever writer got paid what to
believe and if that not work bleed.
It used to take alot of blood to succed'
and now we are indeed lucky indeed.
It only takes a hoohbang full of
trickery sutrafuge and surprise
We no longer seek people of noble aims
no we seek monkeys who do a monsters games.
Sp hike along if you lucky
But I feel that good ole boy feeling
is exactly what is sealng our fate
in a worldwide global misundertanding
about when your talking about the climate
fidling with the thermostate will cause them
for your class nine planet to fry in your own fat.
Down here on earth things could not be much worse
Bet on gold because the magic that held up the paper dollar
Its got Elboa and stong as it is, its getting much worse
so what can we do is such a fucked up world
no matte how powerful you are
nothing much it seems
Well I am now awake
I smell a Zombie an I would
kiss him before a snake
woud just follow Dna
some things seem so simple
but to explain them gets
all complicated in that
educated economist or masters of buissnesd
degrees, its to them we have morgated our future
they learned a lot from there degrees indeed.
Running a business should be a love
where when you see every customer
you thank heaven above
cause its your chance to shine
and tell a story one more time
that makes her want to come back
tp this place and spend every dime
Perfect in presentation and in example
what can we do to preent this score
Do you overeducated proteced GEEKS
realize they think your week.
We will all be picking corn for wall mart
while the Korean masters look down on us with
scoorn. I really hope than when that all
true senrio could impact my generation spawn.
Would little great great grandaughter working
the circut boards because her fingers where so nimber
and her IQ was off the scale because its such a
small privilige to let intelligent people work that way
so wher have I gone and where I have begun,
I am like the bible not secular son
I am the multicoloured one. Now that sounds
V\Gay to me but you may disagree, no
matter what you have to adimt ths
JFK he did not get hit by a 3 fire miss
no he .....died. Really if you play
You understand in a very big way
what when down in Dallas, has
forced us all to live this way.
That was the day when totally
we were assured no matter what
you call it, the game of poltics is
who is on the hill, and how many resource
do you have to stop it
and the fall from the hill
it pays many more millions you know

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