Thursday, 20 October 2011

Are Direct Injection Gasoline Engines ready for prime time?

I love Honda, and admire Toyota. Unless I was independently wealthy I would need a lot of convincing to purchase anything else. My top 5 criteria for choosing a car are:
1.         Reliability (life cycle cost)
2.         Fuel Economy
3.         Interior comfort
4.         Exterior Styling
5.         Safety
While GDI engines were invented in 1925, it was not until 1996 there potential became mainstream. In 2011 most Brands have a version except for Honda and Toyota.  Now I know why. Despite a 10 to 15% boost in both power and fuel economy, two big liabilities. First the high pressure pumps needed are expensive and complex (repair Kaching$). Secondly there are burn issues that lead to oil burning and carbon build up. Therefore I now know why Honda and Toyota have been cautious, and if you’re buying a car with GDI, beware.

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