Friday, 15 July 2011

Why Chinese Canadians do not enlist in Military

Photo (stevendepolo)

Top Ten reasons Chinese Canadians don’t enlist

1)  No German made vehicles to drive, Chinese only drive German made.
2)  White guys never serve rice
3)  Way to much beer drinking, never see cognac
5)  Get very insulted at rife range when instructor says, “you can stop squinting now”
6)  Barracks totally lacking Feng Shiu
7)  Have way to much combat experience all ready from Team Fortress tournaments
8)  No business class on C5A(Transport Planes)
9)  Camoes are all generic brand
10)            No Armani dress uniforms
11)            Jackie Chan always fought without guns
12)            No Ninja units in Canadian Forces
13)            Know most Ammo comes from China and likely will not work when most needed.


  1. Weird.

    The Gelanderwagen is am Austro-German product, BTW.

  2. Yes I know and so are the Panzer tanks, but comedy has less adherence to the truth than politics, so I am not ashamed of my deception,

  3. Nice.
    Proudly served with many Chinese Canadians

  4. I hope from my blog people get the idea how ridiculous the whole supposition is to begin with.