Thursday, 7 July 2011

Tea bag reality

Rob Ford is a teabagger’s dream.  He is an unexamined red neck who more or less inherited both wealth and political credibility. Toronto voters overlooked all of his flaws for his one perceived perfection; he was a tight wad with the public purse.  The antithesis of a policy wonk, Rob spent ten years at city hall cultivating a reputation based upon two pillars, never spending any of his expense accounts, and answering calls from not only his own riding but every place a call went unanswered.
Viewed as an organism the city has arteries that bring it water, veins that take away the waste, police that act as the white blood cells: and transportation that is the muscle. Rob Ford has already totally blown the transportation file. He was given a flawed but achievable Transit City, he will leave a transit system in shambles and a first world city with third world transportation effectiveness. The cost to Toronto, Ontario and all Canada will be in the Trillions. So hard to create, so easy to destroy.

For comparison look at a system created by experts and policy wonks. Singapore has a marvelous subway that yikes makes a profit. Geographically and even in shape Singapore is about the same size as the old metro Toronto. Singapore has a population of about 3 million and 129 km of track. In 1994 it had zero. Toronto has 68 Km, what is wrong with this picture.

Rob jumps the Quest for Excellence Shark. The goverment of Toronto does not manufacture a product, it is a service provider, idiot.

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