Sunday, 24 July 2011

Montreal trip

Just about recovered from a three day trip to Montreal. I got a very cool souvenir from Ikea. I love to read sitting on the lazy boy like chair, but have never found a good light to complement the excellence of the other parts of my mancave. Well the LED from IKEA is fantastic, buy at least one.

I came to Montreal in a fully loaded cargo van in keeping with my parental responsibility to help my offspring move forward from first to second year at McGill. So my question is why did Montreal move against me. Every key intersection, interchange and even the highway was under construction. Traffic moved like Stephen Harper rolling a joint. Then just when the whole city was torn up and covered in orange detour signs the construction union took the annual two week holiday. Sincerely this is what I love about Montreal, the Anglo can go to the beach and the worker will be at his  or her side.

Move went great, nice apartment in a very funky neighborhood.

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