Sunday, 3 July 2011

The cost of everything and the value of nothing

I used to buy Hockey cards, I have a complete set of 91 upper deck, with about 5 Mats Sundin RC and a host of others, this cost me at that time about $100. The value today about $5.00 if I could find buyers. The only card I have of any value is this Bobby Orr, maybe I could get $50.
I also have Lanny Mcdanny rookie maybe worth a $20 to some Leaf sucker.
And of course Borje Salming
I paid $5.00 for my Saku RC

Same for Pavel Bure
I did not end up with any Habs cards of value, but Serge is my best
Now I am hoping to cash is on the PHucktards latest blunders. I have two English and one French Jagr RC. I paid $15 for the French one.
And maybe this card is worth an  Vodka empty
Finally we has the Steve rookie card, never did make the NHL but always loved the Club du Montreal.


  1. Nice post. I have a pile of the things myself and can't really make myself do anything with them though they largely do nothing. I would keep the Habs cards of course but let's face it, sports cards are a thing of a more innocent age. I mean, players stayed on teams long enough to make the cards relevant.

  2. Steve,
    Are you still that cute?