Tuesday, 31 May 2011

If this is a great success Fukushima was only a short circut

Taliban Steve Harper declares Afghanistan mission a huge success.  I would call it a huge screw up. Steve Harper says that Afghanistan is no longer a global threat, well 10 minutes after GWB decided to invade Afghanistan it was no longer a global threat, so the huge success happened in 2001, so what would Steve Harper say about the next ten years? Ten minutes after GWB said he was invading Iraq Canada should have said “ we are not going to be clowns in your Afghan circus, Canada is going home” For $20 Billion spent, 156 dead and thousands maimed for life, we brag about 8 schools open and a couple of wheat fields growing amongst the poppies and the pot. It will be hard to justify a $20 Billion dollar a year defense budget when the Afghan campaign ends and no one in living memory will every commit to an open ended debacle again. Our troops and their families fought with unimaginable bravery in a desert slaughterhouse, but our losses, sacrifices, and clear failure reflect poorly on the civilian leadership. Some would say the US was in Afghanistan to build a pipeline, and Canada was in Afghanistan to prove we were relevant to the USA. I would not disagree.

A brilliant dissection of the Afgan hash.

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