Wednesday, 25 May 2011

How long till the great collapse?

The world economy rests on three legs, Asia, America, and Europe. The wheels are out of balance in China, in Japan they are close to falling off. America has been on life support since 2008, the oxygen keeping the patient alive has been Quantitative easing, a fancy word for printing money. This money has gone to make banks somewhat solvent, and funneled to the stock market. Its a game of musical chairs, and the band has not been paid and will stop playing at any moment. Europe is crippled by unimaginable debt. Greece is sure to default starting a cascade that will take Ireland, Spain, Portugal and possibly Italy into default. Of the three legs the Euro outlook is the best. Its just like GM, a reasonably productive company held down by impossible debt. For America, China and Japan, its a brand new day. Economies already on the edge are facing peak oil. This does not mean the world is out of oil, it means that demand exceeds supply and the peak of supply has passed. This scenario favors Europe in other ways. In 1973 the first oil crisis sparked a  energy revolution in Europe. In north america we bought bigger cars. All the chickens are coming home to roost at the same time, and there is no way the coop can support them all. Buy farmland, move to Canada or Northern Europe.

A fish rots at the head, and our heads (leaders) are rotten. The stock market has become a casino, 50% of the stocks trade most days and the average stock is held for seconds. Small groups control futures trading and whip prices up and down. If you dont believe the official story behind the Kennedy assassination, it makes one wonder who profited from that.  The 911 story from the event to the invasion of Iraq is full of holes, one wonders why they have never been filled in?

Finally mixed into this witches brew we have climate change. All the doubters that there is climate change have been sidelined by the facts. Whats left to debate is who is responsible, nature or nurture. If you look at it like smoking its pretty clear man is having a significant impact. For decades the deniers who were making massive profits said smoking was not a health hazard. The world is our lungs and the smokestacks our cigarettes. The earth can not absorb and infinite amount of carbon, at some time a tipping point will be reached. Many agrue that a single volcano puts more greenhouse gas into the atmosphere than all mans activities. Remember the volcano is Iceland? Well grounding the planes even with the volcano going full blast   reduced emissions by two thirds..

Danny Harvey, for example, a climate expert with the University of Toronto’s Department of Geography, reporting on his research and that of other scientists, notes that in both Canada and Alaska, the area of forest burned per decade “increased by a factor of four from the 1960s to the 1990s,” while the number of large fires (over 400 hectares) in the lower 48 U.S. states increased “by more than a factor of six annually after the 1980s.” He also reports “a dramatic increase” in recent years in the frequency and severity of fires in Russia.

If the tornado trends in tornado alley USA continue, how long until this area becomes uninhabitable? A F5 tornado used to be a sci fi element, now its common. When will a category 5 hurricane hit Miami? How long before the big one hits LA? In conclusion its going to be a very crooked piece of time for a foreseeable future.

Update June 13, it looks like I was being optimistic.

Update June 16, people get ready there is a storm a commin.

Update June 17, distribution fuel.

UP date 911 truther video

Who is driving the train?


  1. I've read this sort of thing every year for every year that I've been alive. Apparently end of the world scenarios satisfy some obscure psychic urge in some people.

    Don't worry. You'll still be here in 20 years to write exactly the same thing, with a different cast of world-enders. You're not much different from Hal Robbins and those religious freaks whose books occupy the "nutters" section of my collection.

    (And yes, I do believe that global climate change is real.)

  2. Gloom despair and agony. Don't oversell the negatives. Many will not take prudent action to avoid real danger in light of such hyperbole.