Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Boston blunders no more

Tyler Sequin gets off the leash and has a human highlight reel experience to sink the Bolts. Defensive liability is killing hockey. All this kid can do is skate like the wind and score, and because he is trying so hard to score he misses his trap assignments. So Julien kept him on the bench until he had no choice. It is the same deal with  Spezza and Martin in Ottawa, and the list goes on and on. The safe route is to play a chessgame and hope the other team makes more mistakes than you do. There has to be a way to eliminate the trap. I would either play four on four, or take away offsides at the blue line. The only whistle would be automatic icing. Let the boys skate and score.

Montreal has special constraints due to language issues. They should have 3 or 4 Francophones playing, and must have French speaking Coach and General Manager. Therefore it was a massive fail to allow Guy Boucher to leave the organization. They could have given him a big raise and promised within two years he can have Martins job. Right now Montreal should be working a deal with Patrick Roy, and trying to find a way to give Carbo a path back to the NHL.

Borrowed from Eyes on the Prize, is a look at our new Yeti.

The  US senate defeated a measure to kill $21 Billion in subsidies for oil companies. Notice the language, Tax Breaks are subsidies. The most profitable industry in the history of the world does not need taxpayers help. This is in your face proof that government in the US is not serious about creating a more perfect society. No it is serious about creating a worse society.

In Canada oil companies receive a proportionally giagantic $2 Billion a year in tax breaks, and the new 16.5%  corporate tax rate will benefit that industry more than any other. The other group to cash in in Canada are the Banks. Banks get money from the government at nearly zero interest, and loan it out at an average of 6%. This is not a difficult business, it takes no great entrepreneurial skill, yet Bank Managers make millions of dollars a year. Similarly oil companies dig a hole in the ground, and out comes money, no genius in that.

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