Friday, 20 May 2011

Blame Osama

Perhaps only a certain amount of good can happen in a given time period. Logically the death of Osama Bin Laden consumed massive good karma. As a result we have a number of terrible outcomes, and easy to predict things to come.

  • The cancellation of Stargate Universe and the end of the Stargate Franchise.

  • Stephen Harper’s Neo Cons getting a majority government, despite the fact the previous Conservative government was defeated for lying to parliament.

  • Tim Hudaks Neo Cons buying the Ontario election with a $0.71 per day bribe rebate on sales tax.

  • Arab spring causing Israel to Fall.

  • Total collapse of the US dollar, the ultimate Shock Doctrine attack.

  • Big Pharma invents synthetic Cannabis and the real stuff no longer accepted as medical.

  • Cat 5 hits Florida.

  • Big 7 quakes in Tokyo and California.

  • CBC pays millions to produce CSI Winnipeg (lots of  frozen corpses)

  • Boston wins Stanley Cup (all calls go against Canucks)

  • Montreal takes a 5’ 9” one hundred and sixty pound center with their first draft pick.

  • Pierre Karl PĂ©ladeau, president and CEO of Quebecor Inc gets a free arena and NHL franchise.

Burt Rutan Rocks

Space Tourism becomes a reality due to his genius.  We should all lament he was never accepted in the mainstream. If Rutanism ruled the Boeing Dreamliner would have been flying in 90’s and looked like a large  Starship.
 Which brings me to the greatest tragedy in Canadian Aviation/Industrial history; the knee jerk reaction by the Diefenbaker Conservative which ended theAvro Arrow project   These team of engineers also thought the path to space was in a cradle.  Thirty one engineers from this project moved to the USA and worked for NASA. Elections can have grave consequences, not only for the path not taken but for the roads closed.
Linked in sign of the Apocalypse

I agree with Zero Hedge,  Linked In valuation is madness.  Its nuts that these virtualbusinesses are valued so highly when for the most part the only revenue stream is advertising. I predict Facebook will go the way of Myspace to be replaced by something cooler, a biographical movie making widget that tells your story not just shows your pictures.

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