Friday, 13 May 2011

Blame the Leafs

Canada lost to Russia at the Worlds. This was a leaf fest, no wonder many players who might have made a difference decided not to come. There is no cure for blue and white disease. The best outcome for Toronto fans would be to send the Leafs to Winnipeg and bring the Thrashers or even better St Louis to Toronto.

Mr Buttmans cheeks will be so tight for the next week an airbag could explode in his intestine and he will not pass gas. Thrashers to Jets, biofuel hockey how appropriate. They are rejoicing in Edmonton, that old threat of being sent to Edmonton, well now there is something worse.

In other news looking forward to a Lighting Nucks final, but considering all the crap that has defined 2011 it will likely be Boston Sharks, with an assist from those ever so Comcast referees. I am really hoping that Montreal somehow ends up with Jager and enough cap space left to do the rest. If I am Mr Molson I find a way to slip Price and Subban a couple of 24's on the side. Maybe get Gomez to wash their cars all summer as well.

Pretending its just not there

Wish I knew how much worse Fukushima was than Chernobyl. Maybe its just a run of the mill nuclear meltdown, or maybe its doomed every milk drinking baby in the world to premature death. Telling the truth to the public was never an option, but was it not all so much better when you did not realize some lobby group decided you could not handle the truth?

A good case for rule by the elites

Kenya, South Africa, Rhodesia were cant miss countries. South Africa's trajectory seems to be following in Zimbabwean  lock step.  Since 1972 the best run countries in the world are indisputably China and Singapore. Both run by an emperor and his bureaucratic masterminds. My solution for Africa is to take promising children from respective countries and raise them up to be Lee Quan Yew. A man whose prerequisites for bringing greatness to his county are eerily similar to Iggy's.

Montreal absorptive Rock with the  Rockers

The ultimate Led Zep cover band, well done Montreal, your so not Toronto.

1. Rock and Roll
2. Celebration Day
3.The Immigrant Song
4. Your Time Is Gonna Come
5. Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You
6. What Is and What Should Never Be
7. The Lemon Song
8. Thank You
9. Dazed and Confused
10. Moby Dick
*** Intermission ***
11. In the Light
12. Since I’ve Been Loving You
13. When the Levee Breaks
14. Over the Hills and Far Away
15. Whole Lotta Love
16. Kashmir
17. Stairway to Heaven


  1. Steve - Love what you've done - Keep it real buddy. Nice one!

  2. Nice work, Steve. I almost understood most of the points raised. I kid, I kid. But google did ask me if I wanted to tanslate this page when I got here.