Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Government Advertising is soft corruption.

There was a time when goverment advertising made sense. The anti smoking ads for example. However today I consider all goverment advertising as soft corruption even if it is non partisan. My reasoning is the ad agencies, newspapers, tv stations are getting paid. Its a subsidy that no longer belongs. In the case of the Harper goverment spending hundreds of millions to date, its thinly disguised partisan propaganda It should be banned.

I especially take umbrage with the glossy catalogs I get from the LCBO. 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Shoot me now!

The new president of Afghanistan channels JFK.

Democracy the hospice for failed ideas

We churn and whorl but at the end of the day some poop
comes out of the chute.

Thats the magic of democracy or as the yutes call
it crowd deciding.

You can game the plan one or two times but in the end
all the money spent will reveal a master piece.

There is no slowing down mankind
with all our wants and needs
and desire overall to succeed
not just for the one
but for all the people
because no mater how alone
we are sometimes
the planet of humanity
really cares

Not to be cynical but 
we humans have already
lost God in our struggle to understand
and we will replace him her with our
own manipulation of space and time
and no one will say Jesus

Pastafarian nightmare

A shortage of speggiti sauce. Every movement has a weak point.

The Penis and Vagina and the Taliban

Whats wrong with our anatomy? All humans have one or the other, its crazy for some kind of suppression from big brother. So I say if you are anti penis or anti vagina your the Taliban.

If you put the world into an 8 by 10 
its obvious how far we have strayed
because if one viewed 
a vagina that way
there is no ugly

No one is singing
she had a beautiful face
and a sexy body
but her vagina made
me think twice about
the total package.

Janie Jones

I love her. Not that I want to clash.

Its dangerous to be anti Harper

But like the millions who will kick his can into the ash bin of history
I have little to lose. Fuck You Harper, two seats is your future if you successful.
The people with something to lose are going to vote overwhelmingly.