Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Thinkingaboot disasters where you die

lignthing stikes
are nothimg

in the statidtdal;
stadicical world
its all about]
life choices
and dna
fuck i hope
I dont love
one of

Why I dont have a decent job

Its mostly me
but I could walk some of
those slow pitches out the park
that global Campinas dont
and i see them die
and I think I could have done
better as a CEO
but in most cases
so could your sister
the ballarinea\
at least she
could dance

I am old
58 and still
with a good
prostrate and
Viagra is the least
of my problems
like my dad
told me on my
wedding nite
the problem with
your bone is
not that your always
going to have it
its just the chances
to bury it

So I am like that at employment
a sniper that picks off opportunity
but with that skill
and head count
come the prophecy
your going to hire
your replacement
so get out of his

actually I am at pee ace
man and an I do not
ever want to do trud rotation
but if a real job
in a future world
was available
you would find
my for sale
hanging from the
highest tree

We all love sex on that we can agree

May I be so bold to speak
about supostitions (Byingtoon)
about native culture
I have the impression 
they work through
group orgies
and no one is
worried about
what holes are drilled
and at the end of the 
day the partners
are all Zen
and if they are
not its a mismatch
talk about adavaced living
at a tribal scale

Native peoples having orgies
is that what made Custer
so hard to ride

I dont know if anything
is true and I have never
done more sex\
than what I image Mom
and Pop  would have
please no vibrators
we are a decent commuity

Rambling warbleling Get off my lawn from the near retirement lawn keeper

I grew up in an age
where discrimation
was part of public policy
and for that my forebares
should be deeply ashamed
but its got to stop at that
we as a society made
huge mistakes
no money is ever
going to correct
so stop bleeding
me dry with
new ways to
help people
50 years at the mimimum
and even centurites later

Are the only
people on the planet
who have to deal
with the economic
and climate horrorshow
going on without any
designated plan for surviaval

White people created this world
we live in today
its a mess blame us
but no one else
stepped up
and if you look
at great empires
there was no free
no elections
no way to move forward
and it was white people
who created systems 
maybe imperfect
that have made in the 
respect of human rights
and the undenibable
that all humans are equal

I abhore the cops shooting inocnet black people
but I got to add a cavet
all the people shot were
alledegly criminals
1000% more whites are
shot by cops than blacks
so if we put the handcuffs on the police
are you going to walk down streets/

Black lives matter is a dead end
hitting a frieght train of black panthers
the way forward
is to eliminate poverty
and for black people this seems to 
be a cultural enemy
cure this and we
are all good
black and white

BTW if you think I am some kind of fucking racist
I axe you why dont Asians have to go the distance?

Trump Daily Diary Day does it really matter?

The twitter war between Trump and everyone
is so cyperpunk
I am breaking news here
that William Gibson
is actually the author
if Trumps trumps

The deep state overplayed
its Sadam proven hand
will the last line of attack 
by the men in black
restore equilibirum
for how or whatever
feed on metrocracy

lets see what happens
but it the first rays of sunshine
since Nov 22, 1963

Monday, 16 January 2017

When the dreadnaughts Sail

When the dreadnaughts sail
they need maximum draft
and infinte resources
to complete the sail
and to do this endlessly
is to define an
as respobsiblity
in abject
agianst reality

If you spend more
money to keep the
troops at bay
than you do
to keep them
your sunk

When the dreadnaughts
sailed we all thought
about empire
and loyalty and
asmeyetic warefare
was as remote
as a IDE

These giant steel ships
sailing on water
present some kind
of dilima

lesson of social media

Big data and littel minds combine
to give us the future
of the shaved apes

Accepting the fact we
are all the gorillas
disinclines and evnn
mo keys predict our moves
we should be somewhat
less than self ascendant
in our interpersonal]
and mostly political
and face book has
ended any progress
in a soviet style
cause if you do
not portray
your a dead child