Saturday, 19 April 2014

You have to look at the little church

Anything that has been behind any solid had been backed up by some kind of belief not totally going to float. I wish for a day when we would all say, something like we are now drowning in a a ocacan our grandfather put as a profit play. Life on this planet does not move with Adams Smiths invisible hand, no the wisdom of the planet predates his original play by circumstance, and the body of evidence.
We are animals you can put us in cages but sooner or later
it will be your death
and a sad mourning of circumstance.


I have to admit that cry from the crowd raised my eyebrows more than I would have been in similar circumstances proud. That cry erupted in a Tampa vs Montreal Canadiens playoff game. Did the locals think they were playing a game against Canada, for sure in that context the chant would be in sync, So what happened there and is this a precursor to the notion that when it comes to thinking the USA takes first place in not there.

Showing the flag is one thing, but not knowing how to host it in general is another.
I worry about the USA because they are living a myth, that now days is being torn asunder. One nation could rule the planet and there would be no push back, how nieve. The British tried it and failed it for centuries. So why did not some bright spark just say. We got a great country here, and we do not have any need to rule the planet, thats just greed I say,

Monday, 14 April 2014

drugs make money

every day in every way
there are millions
of citizens working
away to make life better
some of those are on the dime
but no matter what the motivation
they are doing things right.

In this life I have seen
there is so much to criitze
and mostly it has come from
the wrong end of a realiztion]
the only reason
they wanted contact 
with me
was to decive.

So cancer patient warriors
and drug people with PHD
that are working on low
pay for you and me
well I salute you
because you are the finest
taking your brains 
that are rare and working
them for humanity
well that is so rare

As a unworthy humanity device
just do the same 
but drop the profit advice

Jungle Cat facts

Some people want to see you
live not ugly
others just do not care
they say to justify
let you make your own world
of not worry
like a jungle cat
knowing it can not
be knocked off
as a matter of a fact


time wisks of history
move the dust so slowly
but in the end
they get the job done
if you are smart enough
or so disenfranchised that you care to notice
do not be bedeviled by historical
gathered at your windows
they all subside
most never hit home
and the worst of them
die in flames
in a battle
which they entered
rich and infallable
and were to stupid
to leave/