Thursday, 26 November 2015

I am going to say NO to YOU

like thats ever going to happen
on this planet
maybe somewhere in the futur
that opiton will exist
bu for today
I stick with NO NO

Your wish is my command

My powers are limited
but within my scope
I will always raise
the perescope
and look around
and if something
in my prevay
was in your way
I would attempt
to move it

Nirvana on the Rears and Van Morrison in Front

That's pretty much how I roll
looking out for transport trucks
and not getting T boned
by Kia

La Women I have a couple
and they are travellers
for sure
one she owns me
the others
just pay the rent
but its a beautiful life
with ladies
who make the sacrifice

Transport is in question
if the destination
is the next life
for I am quite secure
in this world
supporting my own
reality distortion

That is essentially 
my place in this universe
and I realised
that for now
I only have one
but I believe 
more than God
that second one
will come
to rescue me

I woke up this morning
and got my self a beer
the future is uncertain
and the end is always

Why cant the world
heed the advice
and move on
in a better direction
taking all the recourse
and making plans
instead of putting
it in the cupboard
and making

We could house the world
in perfect houses
in Texas if we
had the will
because that is 
the way

Stack humanity in towers
filled with stainless steal
and it will not be babel
no it will be
true love

My biggest Imeadite problem

Yeah that problem
is you
cause I cant think
my brain is bound
in bands like
the Xmen
and even those
lost souls
had a plan

So friagile you can not be in this tiee

so friagle

asll tht time
so fraigilae
give it half loaf
and we can make bread

most beautif places on eath

I have been to everyone
and beyond nothig
more than comparable
in the lizardbrain
you would get more life
and expercince from
watching a really good
show first on cable
and now on Kodi
for freee
for example
a good example
of capialisim run
like Boardwalk Empire

so when you piss on the
sidwalk the splash comes
back on you
and no one wants that
no mater how hard
they have to pee
we are all one family
so lets just take the
preduijce off me and you

So we are all freinds
thats the way we
are all despite the

What we feel is what we demostate when the streets have no reason

Look body a I feel b about you
and now your trying to kill me
at least thats what my TV
told me

We looking at the big picture
always see
humans do not kill humans
the lizard brain is set free

Mulslim Christian, hindu or Sik
with a sword no matter how small on
their chest
do not give a fuck about
making you one of them
the only thing they care
most about
is just like you and me
and in any language
its spelled and spoken
the same
we are talking about
writing about
makng videos about
and doing some
face book on the side
the one thing the internt
can not destroy
with knowledge
bescause there is no
chance of made up lies
to gain a place
in the media