Friday, 24 October 2014

Name name naming copywrit

I thought no one would ever thinkaboot callint a little bundle o joy Antarctica.
I now am the gateway to giving your progeny
the moniker
Antarctica. I got a lawyer who specializes in this. What the court has ruled
makes me never no mind. This guy is a shark who can ride against the wind;
as if he could go against BOb Seger. His huge voice and library would make you mute. I am counting on you to bring some ICE to the epaton. For example jury number one. You come from Burlington if my intelligence makes me number one.

Have you ever thought you existed before the flood?
When the flood came did you want Pink ( fLOYD)
hEY WE  ALL  get wet.

Thinking aboot this\
I say watch your
and pay great
res[ect ) to infrastructure
this is the idea
the romans
had to keep us from
drowning in
human poop

Time to disarm the dirty dozen

Suicide missions are the glory of movie lore. I think Edge of Tomorrow is a fantastic move incredibly steeped in self sacrifice for the greater good. But if we are to defeat fanaticism we must admit dying is defeat.

But today is not WW2 or one, and now why we fight is confusing. Allies today can not be trusted because we all well know
they will be the foe tomorrow.

The fight is in us
but the goal
can not be won
with blood
Clear thinking 
will stop any bullet
a collition
of outsiders
can aim.

People need to know
the goverment
is at least on paper
for them
the screwing
starts in the second stage

This world is a smorgasbord
of goverment
A few good
mostly bad
even the best
have warts
against we must 

However best practices
is the proven route
to take people
with no resources
and move them past
the roof.

Canada's greatest strength in a fucked up world

Image of WW1 military in France
Beyond the boilerplate of its our people
it really is our diversity
and the way people
from the four corners
of the Globe
have mostly embraced
our get along get ahead

Maybe it was the dichotomy
of Quebec that made us so
but one thing for the future
that ever Canadian knows
is citizens of the world
and Canada fit
like a hand in a glove

Today terrorist troubles
not really
both our recent 
so called Jihad's
where pure wool
not to be taken seriously
if you want to make the case
the war on terror 
is a real war.

The war on terror
the war on drugs
the war on climate change
the war on poverty
if successful would
change all the equations 
It would not cost so much
to let every human 
live with dignity
and contribute so much
but instead we look
to wedge ourselves 
against each other
to gain political
electrical consent

Lear Jets and vacant apartments
rule the day
to be part of the 1%
means you never pay.

Dump and Chase

I am a experienced hockey fan. Dump and chase has always been an insult to hockey. Its like a golfer shooting into the woods on purpose hoping he will get a good bounce and can recover. Its a hail Mary without the pass aspect.

Coaches dump and chase because its safe. If the puck is not in our end we are safe. In Ruby they might boot the ball to get field position. So if you dump and chance and get an offensive face off that's a worthy goal. If you dump and chase to wear out a defense that's a worthy goal. If you dump and chase expecting to score that's lunacy. Old time players would never give up the puck. The Russkies took Team Canada to the brink with puck possession. Detroit has remained a threat by preaching procession. Now the wiz kids come in and tell us they have found something new. No they have found something stupid done for years because it was easy. I say stupid from a fan perspective. The most important analytic is the win colostrum. The dump and the trap are great equalizers but they are not hockey.

Hockey today is elite at every position. The skill level is off the charts all round.
So to carry the puck across the blue line is mostly certain to get a hit on the dreaded turnover. Yet to dump and chase is the same gamble but with way less chance of scoring on a hockey play reward. Hockey is a chess game today. But the dump and chase is not the strategy of grand masters.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Its not about us against them, its about I am pissed off against you!


The Uselessnes of great thought, great authours

Gulliver's travels was a earthquake
1984 and brave new world
where comforting

and now we have
a division between
the literate elite
and the ones
who know
their literary sense
is humankind.

So know
who knows
thats the precious thing
like all these third class
are reinventing history
like we will have at
the end of the day
a Kardashian king.

Dumbing down is a double edged
but republican can prey 
on both edges
No matter what the cut
or who bleeds
the world is not spinning
into paradise scenes,

Fuck the universe 
seems to be 
the way the short term
exploiters pave the way.

Is there anyone on this planet
that does not think the climate
may leave me 
I hope if you are one
you get on a jet-way
aimed at the sun