Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Van Gough could have painted more with two ears

Every word I speak
or mor accualty type
should in my mind
be Van Goug
thats my vanity'
or maybe I looked
at the stars under

no matter what I
have every day
a beauiful
starry niht
that will last
and the painting would
with shame
for what we are doning
and I a, sure Van Goghh
would cut off his sconed
if he knew the fregquenc y
we know was anywhere near.
Cnan we discuss how a crazy

Belief system is broken and we live on uncharted faith islands

we are all witness to historical events
moving with speed
so fast we 
do not even know if what
is there 
is agreed

everyting we know has failed
priest fucking trust
banks behaving like cowboys
exisiting just for themselves
yes that is natural
but we know nw
we need more thant 
monsanto to kill 
big weeds

Face book Sex Robots battle with Google while Amazon watches and sell to both sides

not a lot of passion in the programming
This is the end of humanity
the Pope was right
to protect the diddling
Priests for the greater
at least it was still flesh
Now all the pillow talk has moved
to the robot stage
but what 
is to be told
off the grid with the girl of my dream
a nice little garden
and total communication 
what can you command me 
to believe?

Music today

Whats wearing; Mumford and Sons and Jimmy Buffet
Whats endearing: The Stones, Pouges and 75 year old Zimmerman

Need a ten billion person life boat, life on mars

Thats a scary specification
its timeliine is ticking off
and if the job is not complete
on time
no one will be left to pay 
the bill
the greatest fraud/robbery
of all time
and as GWB reveealed
the thinking
in history we are all 

Alledegedly the momey spent on Iraq could
have a million people living on Mars
a one way trip
but it would be a better life
than the one on earth
is that not alone a reason
to eqip
the freaks and fairys
to take off
into the sky never to return
and provide
an alternative
to the slow burn?

Phone wants me

lights are flashing
and I feel the buzz
my phone is trying
to get some love
and communication
did I not just shut it

Nevermind there is a new picture
of food on line
but I prefer buildings
why does no one ever
post there

but still I am transfixed by kittens
and dogs that can talk
and giant rodent
guinua pigs

meanwhile the world keeps spinning
with quartaly plans and results
reaching economies of scale
and the last deriviate squezzed
like lemon juice
in the land of diminishing returns
artifical juice
not with standing
we are looking at negative growth
except for human maggots who 
are not to blame for just being human
but we got to find a way
to make them usefull
like alumi um
cars or
self driving modules
of faith
where you can prey
on every corner
with no chance of arrest
for imparied
cause yuou have a non 
thinking defence
I was just planting seeds
cause the bible told me
I am a soldier in Gods army\
unhand me sir

Tweels in the Hood

Michelin has announced the opening of its newest North American plant, which it says is the ...
No tweel no roll flat man.
A man needs to roll sometimes
maybe women feel that pull as well
but I doubt it 
being woeman 
worry about birth overall
its not a condemnation
its a fact
women are the mothers of this world
so why have we so tragically 
abandoned them

A lion has a pride and humans try to legislate against this
but everywhere you see that failure
still mostly love and intelligence 
uber allllllllllllllllllll
and move the planet forward
without the need
for animal degreees..

Like the tweel
the future is rolling 
right in front of your eyes
and its brilliant
no need to wear shades
no need to cover up
stupid ideas
lets destroy the past
that held us back
and embrace the future
that can fulfil the majority
with the strenght to take care
of those not capable of making
such a journey