Thursday, 30 October 2014

Put a fork in Japan its done!

If you were culturally aware during the 90's it was reasonable to wonder if Japan would buy America.

I absolutely love Japan. I remain faithful to Sony and Honda. Tokyo in particular is the most remarkable city in the world. So what went wrong?

I do not know which came first, the people (women in particular) going on strike or Japanese manufactures loosing their manufacturing monopoly. These two paradigm shifts account for the economic tsunami that now threatens to wash over Japan in a way the world has never experienced.

For comparison the basket case that is Greece has 136% of GDP debt. However the GDP of Greece is only 0.39 percent of the world economy. Japan represents almost 10% of the world economy.

If that were not enough Fukushima continues to spew uncontrollably. My opinion is that large parts of Tokyo are now technically uninhabitable. And that would be a best case scenario. Pre-Fukushima 48% of electricity in Japan was generated by Nuclear. For three years that source has been shut down. How can a country handle that? The answer 難しい Muzukashī,  which means difficult.

To top it off Japan has to worry about conflict with China. The Chinese have not forgotten WW2. Likely the Chinese would not only like to see Japan go over the cliff, they would give it a push.

Japan is going to break very soon. The impact on the global economy? Be afraid, be very afraid.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Asia Calls

Her name was Asia
and I was North America
and we were at war together with Europe

I have an Inca everywhere
and  pyramid upon which
to stand
when I slay straw-men
to find the truth
below the agriculture
of which we feed
the youth

A consumer and producer of brilliance, shield policy!

Just when you think your safe
in your world
a random click
brings you to 
my living word

Do not despair
you can survive
without me
but if you really
want to live
ride my rollarcoaster
of freedom
from the Man
and predestined productivity]
like you are 
a gears
in a plan.

The greatest advance

The little people no longer believe every lie. They know that God did not put you in power. They know they have the power to decide. Albion exercised with caution.

Cumming down on Jian Gomish

A sexual partner is rare. A sexual partner that likes to be punched hard is not part of the normal universe. If hurting a partner is considered mainstream I am going to say its obvious there is some kind of sick manipulation,

On Mortal combat and deployment

In the movie the battle of the bulge one scene sticks in my mind as if I was some kind of Napoleon. The awful Nazi realizes the Americans are eating cake.
American warriors overfed on cake have lost three wars. Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Despite the fact the wealth of a great power was poured without question into these salads and desserts.

So now we know tech weapons and firepower are useless against an enemy who does not buy into the Broadway show. Yes our lethal gaze keeps real enemies away. But for the people living on a few dollars a day, we exhaust ourselves with a bullet that costs more than a days pay. So what good are billion dollar weapons systems against a Churchill enemy? The data to date proves mostly useless.

In frustration I expect the Military Industrial Complex will take the next step, as Churchill did against the Kurds, extermination from this planet for those that disagree with domination.

As a white man of privilege I live
in a fantasy world 
where my attention to Kardashians
defines my liege.

It reminds me that some things
never change
for before Rome fell
they were just as sophisticated
and likely more literate
than today's
holi poli.

People promised a white picket fence
resisting because they think its a lie
and hanging effigies of hartio alger
because they can see through statistics
that way limits peoples sky.

Collective wisdom has come 
to the great powers
they know whats 
really going on
and for this they 
have a really bad
master plan

Great minds and computer simulation
combined with faster than light computer
trades have created a bubble world
in which the 1% breathe clean air
and travel without fear
under six levels of security

The reality distortion field was created
by the military industrial complex on the day
Oswald fled to Russia
to shoot down 
Francis Gary Powers
then that patriot 
was killed by his own masters
to keep the evidence from
the Kennedy assassinate

I do not know who to credit for effective protest
when a advocate for change realized
their are more of us than them.
But Gandhi did it best
and he taught us lessons
that should never rest.

Violence breeds violence 
and hard men
with P STD
Logic is the 
key to the sheeple
if presented 
with force
and a guarantee
that a word is a word.

Everybody is a prisoner
of their environment
this can be a great place
or a call to arms.

The human condition
has freed us smart monkeys
to break everything we see
to make a paradise
where every monkey
will be free.

Pope confirms Bible is full of bullshit

Evolution is the evidence that  Caesar Constantine wrote a best seller. If only Islam had such a current leader, we could move forward smartly.
Its pretty clear that Christianity is moving forward and Islam is moving backwards. Blame the Saudis for their Wahhabi. Historically Islam was in the lead.