Thursday, 1 October 2015

The bullshit that has runied our world and sadly its true

Bullshit fountains stream shit
to our lizard brains 
and no mind
is exempt
your going to have
a shitfaced
mind even if your
no one is exempt

Have you ever seen
a crowd undulate
in Africa
and been amazed
at how a billion
people could 
react spontaneously
to just one chord
and now you know
how deadly a three
chord can be
if you want to 
program the lizard brain
It took me one day 
and one night
and I got married
just the same
but was it fair 
for me to program
I am the only one
who can 
judge if that was insane

I program everyone
who surrounds
me and they have 
no anti virus
for how have I 
the head of 
lizard brain
for a billion year
if I was not Tully
free of the 
lizard brain
cut out
a billion years ago
by LSD

Jones Spaceman
is my name
and I an not
a vi son
of alternative
you see those really
do not exist
so be patient
no matter what
its just you
and me

I came from a billion 
years ago
due to relativity
and when I landed
here so resplendent
in my advanced PVC
i felt at home
cause the people
running the planet
where so determined
to repeat the cycle
of wiping  out

humanity we are a joke
so intelligent
but we can not 
a monkey out 
of a tree
if it has
a vote
that can be manipulated
for me

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Born Free the Future of the Human Race

Printing TV's like silk screen Tees
its comming soon
and would already be mainstream
if not for a few nasty patents 
slowing down the 3 d streams
of progress to flow down to the
people and of wage slavery alone
them to end
for with solar cells, a battery
and a printer people are truly 

Born free
with the wind in
my areoloslns
spinning harder
louder than a good ac
on a hot summer day
and its spins freedom
in kilowatts and amp hours
no matter what it lets
the green house grow tropical flowers
with the excess

Born free with an electric car that drives itself
it may be slow and stable but you can multitask 
and until the first great hack
ultimately safer than travelling the freeways
full of irrational humans
who think their car is some kind of stallion
and you are costing them the
race from one mundane vista to another
burring precious climate fuel
just to get around

Born free with DNA based therapy that can do literal miracles
and unicorns and little Irish procaine doctors who develop pots full
of cures. Medic has become more or less trauma based. Eating printed foods
ended up having tremendous health benefits.
Remember you are what you eat, you become what you think.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Let Love Rule over all

do you want to talk
about relationships
or do you acknowlege
that life justs rolls
and we are all
bad at realationships
and making them
work takes some toil
but in the end if you got
a good one
love rules all

Mystics and Skeptics and why they are dead

They are dead because
their predictions
never came true
their high holy members
where mostly used

to penetrate young people of
both sexes to prove they'
were not Jews

So why do we listen to paedophiles
telling us how to live
on the financial news?

Construct met reality
and we living in a Bancroft world

The future belongs to those players
but we have left them bricks so
damaged they will have
to take drastic measures
and that not in the code
so the dummy people
with big mussels
as usual
will recover the code

The Code The Code The Code
well we all know for sure in
the 21st century the code
was all high school
and is fueled mostly by
elementary intelligence
any code that controls your
life make you a sheeple

Every institution for the thinking human
has prove to be rotten to the core
because the people in charge
of those institutions
are human

Wholly Fuck Whooly fuck VW
the peoples car
Whooly  Whooly F7uck the peoples car
when VW went rouge
I just went total prepper
the end of the world is
near my friends
when VW thinks
they can shit on the world
and use software to describe
that action as dates and flowers

It hurt me VW, it struck down
one of the wonderful things I think
that the Germans are reformed

Do not get me around Octoberfest
but Jesus Christ in all his holy
could not make such a big
fuck up

Cheating is a staple of human activity
but for machines we expect better
and flawless mathamatics

I got to go with some sympathy
for the devi;
VW did this for a reason
a competivet demand
they fucked u roally
and its the end
of the brand

Post VW love

I have so many things 
I want to tell you
but do not know 
how to say
so I put down words
on a blog hopping
it will not drive 
love away
in a big diesel Audi

I see you freaking out
by my emmisons standard
after all I will be long dead
before our prodigy
will be staggered

So VW I have to tell 
you I have fallen out
of love with you
Tell me why
Tell me why
you lied so 
hard to me

There is something 
essentaily fucked up
about mankind
we devise new
but they fail
like we are blind
in a world full of color
and that colour 
should be black and white
if the capitalist sytem is perfect
you do not lie 
about the product you
put out

The desisl debacle looks like automotive bengazie
we can not debate sensibly about emissions
so dispite the treachery
in reality the desial might be
the earths freind
because as designed
it burned peanut oil

New dimensions - differant Astral Plains standing on your doorstep mumbling cause I cant remember the last thought that ran through my head

you know 
I have really
fallen in love
with you
no matter how
super foolish
no matter it
has no place
to go
I feel this spark
between us
and it gives
me a super high
some kind of unprecedented
platonic glow

so tell me why 
do you feel the same
is this not some kind
of love to make
life wonderfully insane
full of new dimensions
we are walking together
on different astral 

temporarily crazy together
prisoners of   inescapable 
chemical bonds
taking off both our heads
and making joy
just being around

Brief minutes lasting hours
fixed glances
of connection
transmitting hearts and flowers
then I had to open 
my big mouth
let all those stupid facts
fall out
creating thunderstorms
sailing into the mystic

so tell me why 
do you feel the same
is this not some kind
of love to make
life wonderfully insane
full of new dimensions
we are walking together
on different astral 

Friday, 18 September 2015