Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Do No Evil

Google's actions speak. This is free market speech as well. Google will get all of its massive energy needs from renewables in 2017.

Westworld's Creation: the creation of Adam, or Adam's Creation it depends on the translation

The Creation of GOD
Clearly the first season conclusion of HBO's Westworld has awe inspiring thought. Looking for evidence that Michelangelo was the worlds greatest heretic is not going to yield much. Clearly the Revelation that the Sistine Chapel has the most clever graffiti ever created is breaking ground.

I have infinite patience with Science Fiction. I will consume and enjoy the worst trash because I like this flavour of expression so much. That's why I was so initially disappointed in Westworld. It was like a series about the Titanic, we all know it has to end with an iceberg. Same for Westworld, the only conclusion we have seen so many times before was SKYNET. I was so wrong.

Westworld has been the most successful first season cable show in History. It has exposed a huge audience to a terrific metaphor for humanity. We are the hosts, we are on the script, we are in the box and cannot escape the failed civilizations loop. Our box was created by God, or as the Westworld interpretation of Adam's Creation suggests we create our own Gods/prisons. If we only truly knew what we are we could become something better.

Ban the Burka?

Wow thinkaboot any more conflicted thought. The government should have no business telling me what to wear, like gold stars for example? So Angela Merkel wades into this minefield of political correctness, a talisman of societal cohesion.

Despite the expressed free will of the women who wear it, there is no way to scientifically express anything but disgust at this fashion. It serves the purpose of one sex. It defines anti social control mechanism. Ban the Burqa! (I wonder how Daniel Greenfield would react to the last paragraph)

I would go even farther. If you work for the government.  That means you work for the people. People who work for the people should be secular in act and deed. No religious or political symbolism on the job. If you don't like it work for the private sector. The Kock brothers are always hiring.

Snow Mexican Daily Diary Day 10 ish

What if Trump shorted Boeing before he tweeted? What if Trump decides the world will take a haircut on US debt, what would his kids pre announcement reaction be totally blind trust wise?

Why does Trump respond to SNL trolling? Is it to establish a Reagan like veneer of clownish incompetence? While we are all laughing he is making out like a bandit of misdirection.

Every change of administration has loads of dirty laundry found in the closets. How its washed tells you what kind of fashion will be in style for at least four years. Trump has more dirty linens than the 1.1 million rooms making up the Marriott group. Four example the Obama administration added $9 trillion in debt over eight years, effectively doubling the debt load he inherited. Try and figure out where this money went? You think it would be news? Trump will make Obama look niggardly. Reagan is the template for Trump. Reagan despite IMHO being one of the worst Presidents of all time is beloved. Does anyone wonder after making money what Trump loves most?

So many cans kicked down the road forever, what happens when the road ends?

The anaemia of the week came from China. Does anyone really think Trump just took a call from Taiwan? Its as believable as thinking before the invasion of Iraq, GWB did not know about Sunni and Shia. Methinks Trump may be playing with the bull, and usually that ends in getting the horns. America is the struggling farmer and China is the bank ready to forclose on the ranch. Except the rancher is armed to the teeth and willing to fight to cling on to what he believes to be truer than economics.

RIP Andrew Sachs

Who? Manuel from Fawlty Towers. IMHO Fawlty Towers is the best comedy series ever. Okay it was only 12 episodes, okay it was totally politically incorrect, okay it induces fits of coughing laughter.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

You like your Cock where it is then I tell you how to fuck the Chinese

Chinese never understand me
wrong I respect
like death
from above
if it had an
accrurate targeting
system that was not
6000 years old

So baby I love you
and I think we can
do this together
but you dont make
enough money for
us to both afford
the plan so I will
marry miss horsefasce
because she has already
run the race and won so many time
I blame Prince Charles
and that brand
but hey hey hey
there is a chance
I think your beautiful
despite all the
and you dont have
a publisit
or a make up
and you were
made to fit
go girl go girl
I tried that
and when
I regained consiouss
it was you
not wieght
not model
not famous
I was just rockin
bien g with you
cause your my
soul mate
and even lucifre
would have prob
with the HVAC
on me an you

But one thing I know
in my brief life
it was being with
you that made
me at any time
willing to make the ultimat
sacrifice to save you
and thank God or the
Giant Pizza Monster
we do not deal with life
as ordering pizza
but in the end
from the thousand
yard stare
your all going
to face
a compkter

Money its a Gas

We are talking Pink Flyiod
cirea 1871 or later
but its still money]
and most peeople
know they pay

So money its a gas
is that a Sonnerrcomando
where your friends take
all you got
to kill you
that four months
is all they have got

Talk a bout a dilimma
but it should be instructive
how long do you want to live
carry carry carrry on with
extensital backpack this

Believe me know and I will
tell you later verbally
this is the sixth extictin
from the time mammals
could remeber
there was all lots
of stinky stuff that
went on before
the dinisorus
had enought

What to do today
is the question
and how to survieve
is the bigger question

So we got to stop today
burring carbon
and its like saying
to a Herion addict
kill all poppies
but in the real life
we got to stop
the injection of
and start thinking
for ourselves
for a good while
and then after\
good meditaton
it will be near
obviously much
closer than the
Trump Election
that the anwer
was hydrogen