Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Go long on Vandium?

I read that Vandium batteries may have squared the green energy circles. That is what to do when the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shining. If this proves to be true it will be a revolution. Naw, the Man would never allow it!

Follow the Money! (In Ukraine)

Putin is a KGB leader. However what is going on in Ukraine?  Remember we did have what the consesus said was a democratic goverment overthrown by a K street mob. Now we learn the first move of the new goverment was to vanish the countries gold reserves. Something is rotten in Ukraine.

Wasting Thousands of years of History!

Those who do not study the past are bound to repeat it. That's common sense. Yet the Man prefers Henry Ford " History is bunk" The masters of reality hate history because it is the most effective way to penetrate and destroy their reality distortion field.

Obviously reading the Art of War is an good entry into understanding how people thousands of years ago knew how to deal with our current mess. They would recommend not getting into it in the first place.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

I am the Queen of the slipstream

Its true I just do not care
and no shit you through
at me can hit
me as I am supersonic air
with no gravity
but on the nightly news
I appear as granite
great parts of the Canadian
an the oil sands
are my makeup
as I lie about everthing
and the press
they take it all in
I am a conservative\
reform puke
that makes
the world sick.

Crimes agianst humantiy

Voices that can really sing 
are being made extinct
by vodophones
this is the worst.

In the day everyone could sing
in fact it was the first thing
not how much vocal assistance
and hype one could contribute

We have lost so much talant to 
this muscial apoclyspe
I wonder if culture 
will ever recover.

Van Morrison Stranded

If you do not know and love Van the man I am sorry. Well here is your chance to hear the man in his late genius. Can not compare to Astral Weeks but still compelling.