Wednesday, 17 September 2014

living in a Reganite Thacher world

So strongly proven false, vote for something else.

I am so bored with the USA

You give me Kardasian when I was seeking NASA

Over Dramatic

Most people who want to keep you safe
really believe in that landscape
its only the rouges we
must fitter to diffuse.

Why am I sitting here with no msuic?

I checked every connection
and they came by
four by fore
and then I went
for the cellphone
and it was in the
middle of an updatte
and thats when I
realized I was no longer
an irritant
I was sniper bait

So from  A mile away
a fitfy cal will blow off
my head
if i do not move it in
the seconds that protrade

Someone is going to terminate me
thats the prepositon\
upon which I live
Speak the truth
too strong
and you will
find yourself in a trunk
that contains
the world
if it was not ruled
by a surviving funk

Personal Hygine POst

Do not worry not to much information. I just do not like long hair anymore.
If I could make a stupid lobby its like fingernails on my scalp.

Rob Ford has cancer

I see Rob as a spoiled brat who was really down to earth. He was a disaster for Toronto but he did win some battles that needed to be fought. I wish him all the best and hope we now know enough to save his life.

Toronto love it or hate it is the biggest asset Canada has.  Manage this well and Canada can be Singapore, Hong Kong, Wien and San Francisco combined.

The key is infrastructural and security. The lock is nubile minds willing to work.
The treasure is self evident if you walk the streets. Walk down the champs dilly aye and you do not wonder why real estate there is priced skyway.

Toronto needs to keep a low rent district to grow the next big throw.
People are increasingly irrelevant to produce some power to make a plant.
But so far what people can do is entertain other humans better than robots
and in the future that will be the single employable skill.

Are you entertaining Mr Mozart, your only fourteen years old I doubt you could persuade me.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Let Love Rule

I never wanted to feel this way
but you let me go
and when I wrestle with the future
your a dim bulb
some kind of constrained
when LED
could light up my life
but there is something
that phycics can not descripe
some kind of tribal
that make me always
wanting you by my side
your my cindrella
and when life crahse
with that vision
we emerge two
pulling a train
of love and happnyess
despite the struggle
we are on
in the fight
and globally speaking
we can give the futre
a big shout