Monday, 16 April 2018

Loving Cup with Jack Black

Micks treble is shattering
my big apple ears
and Jack White
is exponential
as a Stone

Like if the Styk
can have
the criminal Mind
can you not image
the Rolling Stones
roll on for a few hundred
years replentished
will there fire
be embraced
I am afraid
not becase
something called
who cant sing
dance or make
coherent thought
won a Pulitzer prize
so for future generations
after 2018 just push

God Future

this is the place for me
this is where i am supposed
to be

I traveled the world
on a magic carpet
but need to drink
seawater sailing
the storms to
truly appreciate
just how bold
we are supposed
to be as humans
because when
the say no limits
its true
the powers
of God are in
our hands
and mostly
need to be found
in the brains
of everyone
lets make
a collective
as if it was a video
and at some point
we declare ourselves
and relax
in an endless
golden age
for there
are many
and tech
has space
for every
no matter
and less
than Royal

Cyber Punks are played by Blockchain

are playedby

Is the blockchain a digital chain gang?

Image result for image of blockchain
Cyrptos and blockchain
are pure cyperpunk
thrillers and in the end
most protagonists heads
explode with overloaded
data chips

What I know is very little
so I am describing an Elephant
from long distance
but blockchain takes huge amounts of energy
to process something that could be done with a
its like the system exists to make energy consumption
Crypto currency is just fairy dust
that only exists if you believe
in something you cant possibly
understand and rely on faith
that really smart people
love it

All of the things finbit
and FANG based where
brought to us by the Alphabet agencies
interesting what Google calls itself today

What is seized as subversive
may be just
the ultimate
honey trap

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Freedom to Rent

We all need
to rent

4k UHD in disc form is dead

OPPO the leaders in the field have just fled the biz. Its all coming on line people. You can never buy, you must rent, love the freedom to rent.

The LGBT and every other appendix needing to be attached

Image result for images of luxury quilted seats in cars
Stop you won
your a not even
a decimal point
in the total population
and we surrendered
so just stop
stop all your

You do realize
your being used
by the right
to betray democracy
so address that
or find another
way to 
the forces
of evil
just dont
flame the democratic