Thursday, 29 January 2015

I am the exiction

never, neverr, but at some rality this must be fuckreality for this execution

Polyglot Vs Isolationists

This conflict is all backwards in our real world. Those fighting for leave us alone are all over there. Those fighting for its a big world lets just get alongon our own doorstep are drownded out.

I have no special insight. I have just been lucky.
Anyone who has had the chance to make 
my journey would conclude the same
I could not say it better than Sting
to paraphrase
What if those eviel people
loved their children too

I have been from Halifax to Hanszoo
and the one thing I have noticed
above all
and its an important thing
is that people enjoy
having fun 
over everthing serious
or artificale

I have seen poverty so
striking it would make you weep
but in some strange absract

these people may be
happier than the one percent

I grew up in a village and that logic
works for me.
Native people from China in North America
and the hippes ruled
then came the white man
with all those rules
and they will always
claim it was democracy

If you can read you know one thing
no one can fool me anymore
if I take the time to establish 
what are words and what
is the essentail truth
and just like a photgraphe
lies will never be protrayed
in a true picture of humanity

Yes its easy to bash the leaders of today
because they never say what is true
Nothing has changed historically
its just that nowdays
the lies build up to 
the point where the leader
is no longer in majorituy

Building a Lego world

Hey lets thank the Danish for creating a product the exemplivies life in every way. Like Modern Vikings the people of the North have pushed their way of living upon us in a most rational way. Like some kind of human plastic sacrifice.

Rangor Lothbrok was the George Washington of change. There are two kinds of leaders and we always choose the same. But the surfer we should embrace, ride the wave, work with the power of nature to achieve the same Nirvanaa all people who adapt to nature in a expotential nature feel real.

I turly belive I am nothing more than a better squirel in this life. I sure know I love my nuts, I see from my backdoor the squirrels running around in a spectatular nature. So what is my differance from this kenetic. Is it greater force like gunpowder and kentic kill from above? 

I do not know anything, I just thinkaboot things. If somehow we could call a truce to just thinkaboot all the reasons we kill each other and never call a truce could be decided, I would be online so much favorite,

If you do not believe in my world your a star
there is a black hole into which humanity has sunk
but I believe  in human gravity
expressed best
in Interstellar

Music that travels

Its not a boom beat behind spoken slang
thats rap
and its a dead 
negro brand

Who let the dogs out
was it Albert
or was it going down
deep into the problem
seeking the orgians

I am no racist
and I have no
thinking that
says humans
should behave

All humans are 
built that way

Yet we look at statistics
and informed views
and to say the least
humanity had
and to this day
favorite breeds

favorite breeds
produce some output
I can sell on the stockmarket
as reliable souces of income
today I got the blues

because this life of wonder
and fantasy that I did choose
is so full of holes 
that the Tea Party
has abandoned me
in my unempolyment 
due to being straight

I am Gay about finance
let the sun shine
Let the world 
discover everthing

everhting important
is in your heart
have you never taking
a Va Kay
in a forigen land

A place where the populace
was 24 seven on your 
Did you feel like King Tut
or an asshole

As the powers that be
seem to be determined
against all facts
to flush our beautiful
reality down the toliet
in an efforrt to bring into line
this country with all the successful
dictartorships sailing
not only in this time
but with greater sails
in what came before
with less opposition/

Best Time Travel Movies

Everybody would like a do over no matter how seemingly perfect the first draft of their personal history was. Personal history is a total environment. The reason the JFK assassination resonates so strongly is that its easy for the lay person to imagine a world where he had not been killed. Now we paint a better future on this blank canvas because its human nature. Nevertheless its clear that human nature is a wondrous thing allowed to bloom unfettered by the remnants of the lizard brain.

That's why Interstellar gets my vote as the best Time Travel movie ever. Movies are the most refined expression of human desire. If a picture is worth a thousand words even a bad movie tickles the lizard somewhat. A great movie hits every scale of humanity. Interstellar played me like a grand piano, a harp with the strings played by an expert.

The boundary between science fiction and fantasy is ill defined. My definition is that science fiction is built upon some technology. Dilithem crystals versus the magic mirror. Its science vs superstition on the big screen.

When a creator asks me to suspend my disbelief its not a big ask. Its human nature to never be satisfied and fantazie. As an aside the biggest failure of humanity is that we collectively make it so difficult to turn fantasy into reality.
With enough money we can make the most fantastical dreams come true.

The majority of time travel movies have no science behind their travel. The ones that use science have mostly escaped reality. Interstellar has some plausibility in what we know about the universe. There is no more magic in instellar than there is in the microwave that is in every kitchen. 

The fact that Interstellar producers knew enough about human nature to create a film based upon science is not a first. However its the first big budget movie time travel movie that has physicist probability attached.

In the future learning will be an advanced video game. Interstellar was a learning experience that was both painless and a harbinger of the uplift humanity is going to get soon.

In summary I like Interstellar.

Now on to the lesser movies.

My second movie is Primer. Its just so pure. Its not a big movie, it just makes you think. Its like the reality version of Cloud Atlas, I do not understand it, but it moved me to another place and time.

Edge of Tomorrow.
Magical science for sure. However a great movie. A out of the box plot.
Long after people forgot Tom Cruise hopped on a couch, this movie will be playing religiously in the homes of the informed.

The Philadelphia Experiment

I like movies with a veneer of reality. This B movie has deep truths.

Planet of the Apes
The story of evolution told backwards was in French.  The  French gave the world democracy and this is a missile at the heart of our fascist superstates.


Twelve Monkeys
A serious Monty Python sketch. Historic view of future history.

A very B movie starring Chris Kirsotffison. But a brilliant thought train with a compelling scientific solution to contemporary human infestation of the ecosystem.
It was made in 1989 and becomes more real every day.

Star Trek: The Voyage Home
Explaining Trekkyism is like explaining a freaky religion. I am a Trekkie, can not speak Klingon but admire the effort. This 1986 movie had everything a Trekkie could worship.

Time cop
Why why why you ask do I rate Time cop above Terminator? The answer Jean Paul.

Maybe I am a harsh critic but Terminator broke no new ground. It was a great sythithis of everything.  It remains one of the most influential movies in human history. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Eldon Musk are telling everyone who will listen right now that artificial intelligence is the biggest risk humans have ever gambled upon. Terminator brought that idea home. In the end when we must take action against AI it might be the thing that saved humanity.

Then again we can not take action against the dictators that rule this planet
so what fantasy do we live in that we might expect we could defeat a cold clinical version devoid of human foibles representing the 1%.

I may or may not have reviewed some of these movies. If you like the cut of my jib, sail here.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Harper lied and unnecessarily Canadian Soldiers will die

Harper has gone cowboy in Iraq. Canada is the only country with troops on the front line. The question is why? Our allies including the USA say there is no need for the risk. What is Harper trying to prove? He doe not care about soldiers lives? They are just political props, human wedges for him to use?

Monday, 26 January 2015

The Revolution Begins in Greece

Look at what is notably missing (not tied down) from this photo of Alexis Tsipras as he is sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Greece. What also seems to be missing is his belief in voodoo economics. Greece may die under his rule, but it will no longer be a Zombie shuffling about on the behest of the Giant Squid.

Iceland was the first nation to reject debt slavery. Ireland faced with almost identical offers of indenture sold out. Greece also capitulated. Now the worm has turned or so it seems. Stay tuned, the financial world might get a zero haircut.