Wednesday, 4 May 2016

I cant do this job that I do
better than everyone
but the latest survey
said we must fire
the lowest ones
and the machine
dont care

that I will be out on the
street in the rain
in my  underwear
cause I cant
afford showers
any more

America is going to need
a big shower to wash off
a Trump presidency
but its not the bad
its a boon
for the hair

Failure the new leadership

Barrack Obama is not the first President to lead by failure. However he is the first to build his legacy on failure.

1) Failure to secure a forces agreement in Iraq meant the US could not occupy that country. This failure has been a catalyst for things that had to happen. The legacy is illustrating that forever war is a bad idea.

2) Obama care is a medical Frankenstien. A proftit motivated system paid for by the goverment. It is doomed to failure and then after having exhausted all the stupid imoral alternative the USA will be forced to embrace single payer.

3) The TPP. Obama let the masters of the universe write this ticket. Its so absurd it can never be cashed. The legacy will be to unravel corporate treaties.

Wait until President Trump tries to go all old fashion and effect postive change.

Deny This

This two-picture combo provided by the University of Miami, top, and Chris Langdon, shows the Carysfort Reef in Florida in 1976 and 2016. Increasingly acidic seawater from global warming is now dissolving a tiny part of the limestone framework for delicate coral reef in the upper Florida Keys, much earlier than scientists expected, a new study found. ( Chris Langdon and the University of Miami via AP)

The signs of enviromental apocolyspe are everywhere. We are going to need more than the SkyGods help. I think the zombie phenomon is a CIA physk op to prepare humanity for its future.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Now thats a Jet Engine

screen_shot_2016 04 28_at_11.00.52_am_1024

Its diameter is bigger than a 737 airplane. Engines are racing ahead but the planes seem to remain the same. Death to the tube!

Japan a dead nation walking

The horror the horror.

Visa free travel for Turkies

The Kurdish population of Turkey can now arrive at any Euro border and claim refugee status. Its insane.

Better living through Chemistry

The BMW i3 has been given an update to keep its range figures up with the ...
Now with 124 mile range on a single charge

The BMW I3 is the car of the future you can buy today. We should double decker car trains traveling over 200kph replacing the morning commute. Cars like the I3 and E Smart would qualify and be charged along the way.