Friday, 19 December 2014

Today I am full on anti Muslim

The death toll of children is too much. The fact these warriors did it on purpose reminds me of a horror movie. I got no problem with belief but when its so fouced that you can double tap a six year old I ask for relief. Or maybe a atomic strike, Nuke the fuckers in the wild Zone. Then say we will nuke anyother outbreak of madness.


 have no idea how to spell it and I know you just do not care
as long as the sentiment was genuine.

As a pastafrain Christmas to me is all commercial.
Yet some of my sorta Christian memories still exist.
I left the Christians cause they will never leave you.
IMHO there is nothing more silly 
than growen men in dressess
speaking about the holy ghost.

I am not anti Christmas
its a time of joy 
for children
but I am no longer
part of that compart

Right now Christmas is 
a battleline between us
and Muslims with Madison 
Ave fafouring Christmas
over the wonderful sales
of pyjamis during the Haji.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

little enegy chucker

 I faced that down

Going full Mental

That is the disease we all want to prevent.
So tell me one time 
one leader
that did not 
cement therre 
legacy in this decent

Glock mastery
and no dissent '
can not be our 
way forward

The Chinses stalled human
for 6000 years
are you even open 
to competatt that/

One People

The people we fear are 
certianly fearworthy
but we must 
ask as a polite 
society why do
they exist
and do not 
reality move
into the solution]
where the mob
is part of the screen grap

Move along nothing to see
here. The coruption is ozzing
and we have not a hazmat team
we do not even have
a specification
for that oze.

Some peeple had to carry a heavy load

The people of Cuba deserve that accolade
Was comm on the island perfect
or even in any way justifiedd

In my economic measure compared
to thier compatriarts totally.

It does not matter if the cat is 
black or white
as long as it catches mice
its a good cat.

One can not even begin to compare
Cuba to El Slavador, Guatemals or
even Mexico.

I just got to wonder about all the car
guys who have invested their fortune
in a greater Mexico.

Have they never listed to the music
or seen Machete.
Have they never wondered
people dissapper?

Investment in Mexico 
is like a denial of
its like investing the pyramids
a anchor we all know
but unfortunalty not a predictor
of future evemts

The people of Latin America
will be chossint liberty
before death.
The argument of proportianal
represenating will come
to late.

I come from Canada
and I used to be proud
our goverment
stopped thinking about home
at the border

well know that has all changed
we seek votes from those 
that when they joined
Canada should have 
ignored the blanet call
for situations that
Canada has not even
a molucule
of infulcuce 
as is these true believers
these stain on thought6
would consider at all.

Hey buddy you came to Canada
to find a better life and I
welcome you.

Muslims Cypriot or downright Catholic
i welcome you
because I am not afraid
of the future
and because our
and beautiful ladies
are not pumping out
we need people like
you to make up 
what we earned
with what we saved
on a financial tract.

So I welcome all you
new Canadians
I tell you what
if you want to 
wear a burqa 
go West it 
will insulate you 
against the mountain
of cold
and make the Government do
a new sitrap.

I got to go on record here
if you believe in a supernatural being
to make this world right
you are the problem

Discarded Shoes

Lets look at ourselves from a distant place. Advertising indicates the place
we should want to occupy. I for one have no idea which pod I should choose
if the earth gave the order to evacuate.

I can see that comming, really I can
humans can not destroy the planet 
unless they the put all the nuclear'
weapons and those on future order
in a daisy chain
down deep near
the molten core
and exploxed it like
us hitting Mars
and dieing thinking
at least I am not red

the world today is
a very wonderful
and a very fucked up 

Good ole boys
now control the US Congress
which on this earth today
is more important 
than the rise of the sun
or the activity of the tides
they control human history
for this brief time in power
but for every law passed
it takes a generation to 
laser that tattoo good
or bad away.

We have reached
a point in Darwin's
rule when the 
Queen would call for
She has nothing at stake
except the resentment of
a hundred generations
of being put down.

Hear me now and I will tell 
you later
we are living in a time
where the future of humans
is on the line

Fuck I would not want to
be a 12 year old
identified as a buck
in a Muslim time travel
push back the knowledge

Its not just the Muslims
there are many women
who dread
a concrete society
where they are
the rebar

Men and women 
are naturally distinct
no judgement from
any court will 
persuade me that
we are equal

Men and women are different
thats the truth
Men are going to dominate
because in our culture 
and in our genes
that is what worked out
when the world was at 
our worst.

Today I may be idealistic
but can you imagine 
a world where your
mother knew you
where fantastic
but you would 
not make a move
destroying that
Moms rule
Moms rule
I have done 
so many things
my Mom would 
not agree with
but at the end 
of the day
there was
a overcomming