Thursday, 28 August 2014

I want to tosay

Anyone that wants to hijack my message of peace
should be live in Arazonieith an UZI up their (I tried and tried to get Arazonia  or whatever in pint., just saying)
as though  a simple steel implantation
could keep visitors from posting on Facebook
just how fine was that ass
Bullets are fine tuned things
they make music
play  in chords
that do not give
a goddamned thing


Yes its groomed and so many children have been taken from behind
some silly message and stern authority
First off I got to say
how demented are you
to interfere in childhood anyway
not alone to do the vile things
Jesus have mercy I would flame 
you with a oxy and acetylene thing

When the flame are spent
and we are looking
at your skeleton
we got to ask why?

I do not believe in evil
its just an excuse we give ourselves as animals
without any infrastructure to support why

Next time a person of interest makes a great case
on your  cellphone
do not reply
cause they are
surely recruiting  you
for wage slavery
or something way way worse,

The thing is you human
if you had enough facts
you could make your
masters eat body parts

Obama Pussyfooting with ISIS

It brings back to me the Bay of Pigs. JFK saw reality and would not move and now this is Obama's moment.  No need to take him out with a hard hit these days. Soft power media and the internet can persuade.

Like are they the worst people in the world or not?
If there are kill them all
Kill everyone 
Are we going to now be squeamish about collateral data
We wiped out Nagasaki motherfuckers
and no one apologized after the fact
that war Sandinista
that's taking lives
and making sure
they have no idea
how to strike back.

The pressure today on Obama
is extreme
but the difference between Obama
and JFK
is that you can not kill a sitting American President
without leaving all over the crime science
incriminating DNA

So Hawks will circle about 
and tell all the people about
the Ukrainians
but if the truth be told
they were just some other
warlords gold.

The Secret Message

Its work real hard and do not complain. We got tips to help you work better and lose fat. There are so many big things happening you might not be able to fully evaluate. The Web is full on nonsense, and most of it on what one would consider the go to sites. If you turned off your TV its a smart move. However on the web the specialists can slice you and dice
you and make you move with greater focus. If you like some thing, think again. If you love some thing you have never experienced except on the Web your paying rent.

This Rant about wage slavery is not Racist

Hongkong is an Ayn Rand dream and nightmare for the majority who live there. Land has been used by the oligarchy and politically connected to bled the masses. It is estimated in some studies that 80% of Hong Kong's  six million residents pay more than 50% of their income in rent. Worse still owning something not even in the clouds. These fuckers have taken over Vancouver and are moving in on Toronto. Steve Harper stop the milquetoast defense of the Arctic   and give us some Singapore in Toronto and Vancouver!

Russia moves into the Ukranie

I really hopes it never came to that.
Nevertheless we got no business in that business
Good guys are hard to find
and in this struggle
nothing has changed.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Holocaust Image like for kids

Some on likely without intent made holocaust jerseys for kids to wear.
If its fashion its going to happen. But watch the Grey Zone for the awful truth. Its worse than you drunk uncle Buckingham you but its similar. If your uncle was untouchable. The Holocaust was the prime example of
humanity abandoed for money or power. Never forget, but I fear we have and this garment is just another example of ignorance aiding power.