Wednesday, 30 July 2014

canadians for foreskins

anal sex exists spreads due to lack of foreskins, circumcision is making us Gay and or perverts NTTAWWT
" exclusive interview with porn star who had to cut to stay in the anal game"

pleasure deprived citizens more likely to vote conservative, might be a correlation to foreskin removal , just saying

temporary weakness arms and wrists linked to masturbation  with no foreskin. Scientist searching if this is widespread amongst practitioners or just restricted to those cut off.

Moneyball analysis  of NHL players says circumcised players have not shot.
Montreal Canadians suing doctor who approved the Mexicant.

Women want to have YaYa surgury if married to circumcised male imperiling our heath care system

printed foreskin surgery replacement seen as economic boost. Premier says a million foreskin replacements will roll back the deficit.

You can spot a terrorist by his foreskin or lack thereove. Agent Glanis reveals "I could see from the scan he had no foreskin, thats what clued me in to the three sticks of dynomatie shoved up his ass". If you chose to be circumstanced Homeland is going to know your ass! Do not worry about whats in your laptop, care more about whats in you underwear bitch!

Condom makers in conspiracy to eliminate foreskins,  in their defence they say " look at tube is easy a water tower is hard"

Blame the Jews

For those of you not in your first rodeo with Thinking Aboot let me be clear.
I am not Jewish.
I have no family member going back generation that I know of who is Jewish.
I have been punished as a taxpayer by Jewish Lawyers seeking reparations for things that happened before my time and for the majority of citizens who survived WW2.
The Jews have unjustly taken land from the people of Palestine. (but who has not done the same sometime?)
I think Jews work together to better themselves without regard to how this will hurt the competition.
Its hard to believe but in the Jewish religion they are the chosen people. No one else but the Jews would be so self centered.

I believe that blame for everything is placed upon the Jews because they are a easy platform for the weak mind. I robbed a bank, must have been the Jews.  I started a war, damm those Jews.

Thats not to say that the worlds ie US foreign policy has a symbiotic relationship with governments having Jews. However the idea tht Jews put Israel uber all is ridiculous.

I believe the official 911 narrative was not kosher. Mossad I would love to read your files. Even if my worse suspicions were true could anyone blame Israel for wanting Saddam taken out?  If this was survivor we would all be applauding their art.

There are real issues going on in the world. I am tired of reading about Jewish conspiracy. Its a disinformation campaign. Lukid, Mossad maybe, but Jews no way. Just ask yourself how did America get Independence without being controlled by the Jews?

The horrible deaths in Gaza are crimes against humanity. Do I swallow the line that Israeli is the most careful death maker in human history, no! 

Take the case to the Hague and see who is the guilty party? All evidence says its Hamas. This is not the first offence. Yes Israel has been a fucking prick because Arafat jilted the best offer ever. Sure they may have violated the rules of war, cheating at knife fights again. Maybe they could have done better. So in preparation for trial lets find all the nations that turned the other cheek.

There is a very excellent piece of propaganda that is fact going around. It shows the disputed lands that Israel lays claim to over time. Maybe the Palestinian commander should watch that episode of Star Trek where every attack makes the enemy stronger. Palestine is a idea that seems to wish for Death By Cop.

Racist Cab Drivers Drive me Away

Know what when someone paints you in a picture
they got something to say
Maybe its the Gulf of Tolkien
or maybe it 911
or maybe its a singer singing Cab Driver
they are all just images devoid of context
but still truth lingers
for some
when they cant 
catch a cab

Black people, Black people
are the N people of the world
why is that
and how cares
and what will it cost 
to do a damm to change facts

For me to say I got good feelings about 
black people
is to say i feel 
the same way about humanity
and I do not
Black people the real Black people
are well I cant continue because
of racism. The MAN keeps us all down
but for reasons I will not explain 
he sits on the Black Man
maybe because of copyright infraction

Races exist
just like dogs
men are breeds
as for the women
no matter where they came from
they are all beautiful

I would love to be governed by my Mother
for eternity
just saying

Fight Club Members that we know about

Argentina and Iceland. Read about it think aboot it. Its seems the way of the future is to not talk about it. One big nation and one insignificant one have said no mas. Zero Credit History must be making some wave tontie.
Stay away from financial buildings out of caution. Soap caution.

Toronto Pollice Chief not renewed

First of all he has been there since 2005.  Thinking aboot J Edgar we know that 14 years is long enough even for Mother Teresa with a badge. (For sure after year ten she would have been all Judge Dredd on Rich Pricks, a BMW lets roll people) IMHO he has one of the most important public service jobs in Canada. Compared to his predecessor who now continues to reveal himself as a source of jaundice., Bill Blair was F5 tornado of fresh air. I could make this into a blog about how the police play politics and of that Bill Blair was a master. However he always seemed to play the game for the people he served. I really believe that Bill Blair believed in serve and protect. We roll the dice to find a policeman who has risen to the top who is so fine. God bless Toronto on the search for a new chief. This is unconfirmed but the Ford Nation is making a push for Sandra Lisi. Maybe Tom Jabookick has a pick. Maybe Girogo Mamaliter wants to fill a bottle for testing and dissemination.
For me the defining moment of Bill Blairs police soul was the Tamil demonstration spreading on to the Gardnier. This could have been a bloodbath, but Bill let it pass as a storm. That was great policing.
 Sure he was thrown under the bus for the G20 and carding is another area I can see merit, ends justify the means, but we can not accept that logic in a modern society. So farewell Bill Blair, you were a good man at a great time who did good things. I hate the MAN but understand its a relationship that should be love hate sometimes, and you served on the love side.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Harvesting Human resources Humanly

A lump of coal is just stored energy and maybe it should stay that way. That is unless humanity can use this concentration of energy in a planet saving way.  You all watching reality TV better go undercover because human endorsed climate change is going to rip out your big screen in a way that will make sure your remote never recovers.

Work the problem people. That the first thing a black leader of any team seen on national TV or most movies says.  Like its something intelligent. We got problems now a TV mind cant fix. Drought, crop failure, Ebola, species loss, warming oceans and melting glaciers. Work the problem is an oxymoron, we are the problem thatS working.

Some of the planets worst arbitrage masters are our best ninja to slay a worldwide Godzilla. Take a look at Taiwan. Google it. See they have zero resources yet rule the blood and guts of technology. Admire that and shift your focus to Austria, or Sweden. I will not go into the alphabet but if you spell something about the future, a sustainable future it will be spelled something like Germany.

We got to stop, stop right now with unsustainable ponzie schemes. We got to take living to every human as a chance to live some reasonable dream. The wealth is there the technology is easy to scare.  Make a world where we all get along. The need for war has devolved since the cold war.  Now war is the result of good marketeers, this farmer wants to kill me so I should invest in long range tractors
that have IED detectors and cannons that make sure the fields are furrowed by willing volunteers. Who does not want to work for water? No health care I guess they did not succeed. This is a world bred for conflict and not one in which I believe.

Are you happy locked in a gated community which needs to double security after midnight? You could spend half the money and walk down vibrant streets upon which there was no midnight. The history of the world is not judgmental. It tells us those who build fortresses wasted their time and when the walls fell, human slaughter was not even ethical based fundamental. Ask Robespierre.

Our civilization the global one, faces threats
we have no idea how to get along
and we negotiate
in an environment
of increasing pestuclace

So best practices are now liberal
solving problems is seen as radical
we got to move past that
Humans rule the world
lets take solace in that

Civilization is in decline because
humans can not see the
writing on the dime
Immunization no way
Its a witch doctor
interfering with
my ability to be
a John Hopkins Specialist
merely because i am a c level celiberty
who has a child 
who ended up 
in a bad way.
You want to know the truth
as I see it
having a baby late in life
or with a father whose
sperm swam with spudnick means
your child is at risk
a baby born early
is bad corn
and you cant fix this
no matter how many
times you change the dna

Sunday, 27 July 2014

In A land where corporations are citizens will i get an equal vote?

Image provided by corporations for Soylent Green! 
no wasted protein is a legitimate precept

The idea that corporations should have human rights should be laughable not law.
This is dehumanization full scale. They can pack the courts they can arm the police but there will come a time, that no human corporation can flee the long arm that humans have. You got to bleed to be human!