Monday, 30 March 2015

When leaders defeat pander bears everyone wins!

Forty years ago today

Pierre Elliot Trudeau

passed into law

a best practise

that was not only scientific

it also took great political courage

Cold turkey Canadian would

now be forced to take their temperature in Celsius

thus exiting the club of measurement stupidity

whose members explain the shame

no longer would Canada be measured by

the feckless approach to civilisation

practised by

United States, Liberia, Brunei, Yemen, Burma.

Fourteen years later the great betrayer lying Brain Mulroney

who many suspect was a CIA mole surrendered to the wedge and the pander bear.

Metricfication became voluntary for who knows best about

how to measure than the measured.

The pander and wedge politics practised by

Mulroney and perfected by Harper

have left Canada much poorer

in easily spent opportunity costs

Trudeau was right on the NEP

the proof is in Norway

Trudeau was right on NAFTA

the proof is in Mexico

Trudeau was right

about the government being in the

bedrooms of the nation

the proof is in Indiana.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

29 and Wrap Around Hockey Wives

Are you a content hog who can not stand reality TV?
I have found a painless access point with credible guides
The  legendary fang banging True Blood and Hockey founders have
been sparked by the  potential spectacle of 
a reality TV show about relationships
where most of the paid to play players
have on average way less marriages to strippers
than other professional sports reality TV
Of course that can be enplaned because they
are on average paid peanuts
and all the best strippers
are not really available.

I leaned a lot from True Blood and Hockey
That I could have saved enough time
 to achieve an advanced degree
and been just as entertained
if I had just read the blog

This time I know better
so just read the blog 
gentle rolling snark
fit for the whole family
Unlike my own
take on a similar subject.

Strip Mining the Stock Market

The problem with capitalism is the human
creative destruction
when you see a big merger
you know a master of the 
universe has just legally stolen
a billion souled
they will bust out both
firms like the Sopranos
bribe the banks like
Good fellas
and leave the consumer
holding the bag
after the fees have been 
taken and the lawyers
all paid
while the firms themselves
plan for chapter 11

A merger as defined by the MAN
is the competitive benefit realised by 
consumers when
competition is reduced

Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Comercial Pilots time has mostly flown

Its pretty clear there is no way
to safeguard agaist the event
the pilot is suicidal
its happened eight times now
in the last seven years

So now its the time safety staticalicy wise
to clip the human pilots wings
and have them on the ground like
drone pilots.
Eliminate the threat of
suicide crash

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Jeus Chist Supertrakp

You know nothing, winter is cumming, and the crime of the century will no5
be relevant you stupid fucks who just in the last moment's of their lives]
realised they could have done something collectively better.

Coaching works until it runs out of talent

Do not coach me muther fucker. I may depend upon you for my medicare but that does not mean I was never a bad ass motherfucker to be feared.  When I try that stich at the home they isolate me.

Kill the devil (spirit being only)

Just who wears that name?
I  think a outstanding choirs
of humans would
give Steve Harper that name
deservedly so
the devil is the evil
that invades peoples souls
so I merely wish to suggest
the demons so the body politic
must exposed to sunlight
and Lucifers Hammer
to deuterium if they are
angels in disguise

What about Canada today
would make me feel so,
I leave it to the data miners
and the CTV to
condemn me
to a media
thats a right wing barrage

same situation in Australia and the UK
New Zealand for sure where the bars
are brightly lit and the Bobby's mingle with the
crowds regularly as if on some kind of official inspection
like the Queen herself was going to walk into the bar
to use the rest room
when you have to go
you have to go
when you have to go go go go
go go go
Whiskey a Go Go
thats the vibe from
the past that rock and roll kept
just like Motown
keeps Pop music sane
using the same old
invented in Detroit formula
over and over
suguar pie honey pup
and the meeting at
fairy school with
the sugar plumb
celebrated by
the influential memorable personalities
of the past
that really did something
in art
which is the ultimate Media
for human communication
a thing I came to understand
from studying Japanese
and finding the glyph
that was Ganja
held many treasure
the biggest overall
was the improved
band with
if a  picture is worth a thousand
word a single Chinese character can
not be measured so easily
it depends upon the number of strokes
and what the ink from the pen
said about the author

People who live and learn characters have to perform daily at a higher level than simple alaphebit readers and the panel strongly recommends if we want to keep up the schoolchildren must be readimg and writing in Chines by 2027. The government acknowledges it seems near impossible to teach Anglos French but we are far more hopeful about the Chinese
the left should celebrate us
pushing the Commies.

Near as I  can figure mate
Rupert Murdouche
may have fallen under
the Devils Spell
thing about it really
how could one man
amass such a fortune
if he had not made
a pact with the devil?