Thursday, 28 July 2016

Interesting but stupid

biggest thrust ever.

Sail on Silverbird

I flew millions of miles many of them in the 747-200 up in the top deck.  If the seat beside you was empty you could lay flat for most of your 13 hour trips. Now like the other giants of the 20th century its now obsolete.

Force Fed Hillary

Why is the mainstream media blatently pushing the rock that is Hillary up the electoral hill?

The meme that Trump is a traitor for his throw away line about the Russians hacking Hillary's  email is beyond the pale. Credibilty zero. Meet the Manipulation. It would make me a Trump voter.

Hillary has panted (cant say skirts with her) crimes with her email activity, and the mainstream media ignores the story and tries to shoot a straw man messenger.( The Russians)

We do not even know it was the Russians. Edward Snowden knows we could know but that is not reported.

The Doors are playing this is the End for Hillary.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Gen Five Super Soldier Revealed

The lastest crop of super soldiers have left the test tube and are ready for battle. Their bodies geneticly modified to withstand high impact. Their mucsles twitch like simians giving them superhuman strength and endurance. 

I will write a great novel about the first one of them to fall in love with a standard human. Maybe I will call it beauty and the super beast. The basic plot is one of them escapes the between missions holding facility and becomes a star hockey player. No chance of CTE so the insurance cap makes him highly sought after.A super soldiers natural truculance and willingness to play the system makes him a  management favorite. 

His name is Jones Spaceman.

Home Grown Leather

This is some DNA I would wear. The jacket not, but growing leather in the lab instead of harvesting it from animals, thats progress.

Yes we have no Bananas

Why not grow more food locally. If we can grow bananas and pineapples locally, why not do it for all crops. Food self sufficiency in a starving world is good policy.